Do Senior Living Communities Make Financial Sense?

Are you considering moving into a senior living community? Then, you may be thinking about whether the costs are worth it. What are the financial benefits of moving into a retirement community? The truth is there are many.

Differences Between Staying at Home or Moving to a Retirement Community

Many of us are ready to downsize as we grow older. Others, however, are still reluctant to leave the house that they have loved for possibly decades. Yet, as you grow older, you may not be able to do the same things that you’ve done in the past. Cooking, cleaning, and even going up and down the stairs get harder.

Sure, you can always try to invest in aging-in-place design upgrades. Yet, these can cost thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Think about it: you’ll probably have to add grab bars to your bathroom. You may even have to convert your tub into a walk-in version or shower. You may even have to invest in an elevator. All these expenses quickly add up.

Homes Require Maintenance

Items in homes break all the time. You may have to get a new roof, upgrade your plumbing, and more. If you have landscaping, that’s a major expense, too. Your monthly budget can quickly fluctuate depending on different scenarios.

On the other hand, if you move into a senior living center, you’ll always know what your monthly expenses are going to be since everything is included in the price. You can easily determine how much you’re going to spend over the course of the year. There are also many other benefits.

Your Meals Are Covered

Cost of living is constantly rising. If you’ve gone to the grocery store lately, then you’ve probably noticed how much food prices have spiked. If you’re on a specialty diet, those are even more expensive. When you move into a senior living center, however, your meals are included – even for those with dietary restrictions. No more getting sticker shock at checkout.

At Mansions Independent Senior Living, we offer chef-prepared meals to suit every dietary need and preference. Just check out one of our meal menus below:

No More Cooking – Or Paying for a Cook

One of the greatest things about being home is home-cooked meals. When you move into a retirement community, you’re not sacrificing that. In fact, you’re eliminating the need to cook for yourself! This means no more running to the store and slaving over meals – that is, unless you really want to do some cooking yourself.

If you’re like many older adults, you may have begun to have mobility issues, which means that you may have hired someone to cook for you during the week or even started paying for meal delivery services. You’ll eliminate these extra expenses since the senior living community will handle all of this for you.

Maid Service Is Included!

Most of us hate cleaning – and many of us can’t if we’ve developed mobility issues. You don’t need to pay for maid service if you select a community like Mansions. Instead, we’ll handle all of that for you.

Forget the Electric Bill

When you move into an inclusive living community, you’ll never have to worry about utility bills again. Instead, all of them are included within the price, including:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Basic cable
  • Trash
  • Phone service

Since these can spike at random times of the day or year, you’ll never have to worry about sticker shock on your utility bills again.

Always Have the Newest Appliances

Appliances aren’t designed to last. Your dishwasher or water heater may go out within four or five years. Money must always be set aside for these. When you move into a senior living community, you’ll always have the latest, working appliances. If yours ceases to work, we’ll replace it at no additional expense to you.

Your Gym Membership Is Covered

It’s important as we age to stay healthy and fit. A gym membership is a great way to do this. But they’re also another monthly expense on a fixed income. At inclusive retirement communities, there is always a fitness and wellness center on-site – and it’s included. Not only can you take advantage of this amenity any time that you want; you’ll also no longer need to leave your community.

Transportation Is Handled

Gas has gotten so expensive, and it’s going to keep going up. You’ll also need to maintain your car or get a new one if yours is beyond repair. If you live in senior living community, transportation is handled by the community. You’ll be taken to and from activities, doctor’s visits, shopping, and more!

Why Choose Mansions?

When you choose one of the Mansions properties, you’re getting more than simply another senior living community. We are different because we believe in redefining retirement and making luxury living affordable. Download our brochure to learn more about our four communities as well as all the amenities that we offer!

What Exactly are Senior Living Apartments?

You’ve probably seen ad after ad for “retirement communities” or “senior living apartments”. You may be asking yourself what the heck these are. You’re not alone. Most of us have watched enough TV to think that retirement communities equate to “nursing homes”. But the “reality” on TV is far from actual reality. In fact, there are many benefits to senior living communities.

What Is a Retirement Community?

First things first, let’s define what a senior living or retirement community is. Senior living communities are kind of a like a “one-stop shop” for daily living. They provide residents with everything that they need – from cooking to cleaning to socializing opportunities to transportation to all their favorite locations.

Think of it this way: senior living communities provide you with everything that you need to continue to live a long, fulfilling life. With ongoing community events and activities, opportunities to make new friends, and chef-prepared meals, you never need to worry about any daily living activities or being lonely.

What retirement communities are not are boring group living centers. You have your own apartment, condo, or townhouse that you personally decorate with your own belongings.

The Rise of Senior Living Apartments

Unfortunately, most associate retirement communities with sterile, almost hospital-like setups. While you can take advantage of assisted living facilities that will offer medical care, that still doesn’t mean it’s a hospital.

Instead, each community offers residents senior living apartments – and sometimes condos or townhouses – that are designed to meet the preferences and requirements of older residents. They’ll have grab bars in the bathroom, elevators and other amenities designed to make your retirement as comfortable as possible.

If you check out the floor plans for The Mansions, you’ll see that all our apartments, condos, and townhouses are extremely spacious and designed to provide you with affordable luxury throughout your golden years.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities

There’s a lot of appeal of staying in your own home. You’re surrounded by “your stuff”, and you can remain in the community that you’ve loved for so many years. Yet, moving to a senior living apartment doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all your favorite belongings.

Sure, you might have a to downsize a bit. Take it as an opportunity to get rid of all the stuff that you no longer want. There’s bound to be a lot that you’ve accumulated over the years that can be dumped. Still, you might not need to get rid of as much as you think.

If you shop around, you’ll see that many retirement communities offer very spacious apartments or condos. You can move all your favorite photos, furniture, and knickknacks, and decorate your new place like your old.

You Can Remain in Your Old Neighborhood

Moving into a retirement community does not mean leaving all your favorite haunts behind. There are many senior living communities in nearly every neighborhood in the country. So, find the best-rated one in your community.

With the provided transportation, you can be dropped off and picked up at your favorite restaurants, shopping areas or even the movies. Plus, with all the new friends that you’ve made, you’ll have plenty of people to join you on your adventures.

Social Activities

As we grow older, certain activities become harder. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing everything. Retirement communities will have activities for all types of mobility. If you like to go hiking, then find a community near the mountain trails. If you prefer something like water activities or yoga, look for one with an on-site or nearby fitness center or classes.

The biggest advantage of a retirement community is that it allows seniors to stay connected with others. Many seniors live alone, which can lead to loneliness and boredom – which can affect both mental and physical health.

Retirement communities provide ongoing opportunities for social interactions as well as a way to meet new friends – which is especially important as we age.

The Mansions – Redefining Retirement

At The Mansions Independent Senior Living retirement communities, we want to stand out from the average senior living community. We believe in making luxury living affordable for all. With communities in the Atlanta and Oklahoma City area, we’ll ensure that you have fun, meet new friends and continue to connect with family throughout your retirement years.

We will help you determine what level of care is best for you or your loved one. (View our different levels of care.)

Each Mansions senior living community offers many different activities for our residents. These include the following:

  • Exercise classes
  • Wellness sessions
  • Resident-run activities
  • Games and crafts
  • Bible studies
  • Entertainment
  • Outings to restaurants, shopping,
  • entertainment and more
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Happy hours
  • Technology classes
  • And lots more!

Ready to Start Your Next Adventure?

Then, schedule a visit to one of our facilities. Contact us today!

Aging in Place vs. Moving to a Senior Living Community

Aging in place has become the “new” concept design trend. Many people as they grow older prefer to stay in their current home, a place where their kids grew up and where all their friends live. So, many will invest in thousands of dollars in upgrades to make their home better geared to them as they grow older.

Yet, there are many drawbacks – and extra expenses – to trying to age in place as opposed to considering a retirement community. Here are a few of them.

Paying for the Upgrades

More than likely, if you’ve lived in your home for decades, it’s probably already paid off. And you might already be on a fixed income. This could mean that you need to get a loan to pay for the upgrades or dive into savings.

If you’re planning on staying in your home, the average aging-in-place upgrades cost from $10,000 to $100,000 according to a CNBC report, and that doesn’t include if you need any type of caregiving services. Those can also run thousands of dollars per month.

You May Also Need Other Services

Cooking and cleaning become harder as you grow older. You may have to hire someone to assist you with these different tasks – which is another expense. If you decide that a food delivery service is the better option, those aren’t cheap either, further cutting into you monthly income.

Your Neighbors and Family May Move Away

People change residences all the time because they want to be closer to their kids, for jobs, etc. If you decide to stay in your home and your family and friends move away, then you may become lonely. Plus, you might not have anyone to assist you if you need help. If you’re already having mobility issues, you may want to consider the alternative: a senior living community.

Benefits of a Retirement Community

While many people don’t want to consider leaving their beloved home or neighborhood, there are many benefits to looking into a senior living community. For one, you’ll probably save money.

Cost-Efficient Option

The average retirement community costs $4,000 or less per month. If you consider hiring a caregiver, maid, and/or cook to come to your house, these costs will be significantly less. Senior living communities typically include meals and cleaning, and they are already designed for people with mobility issues. If you need additional assistance with daily living chores, there are ones that cater to that as well.


If you live alone, then your chances of being lonely increase. This can affect your mental and physical health. Senior living communities provide you with the opportunity to meet new people around your own age. They also have all sorts of social and physical options to ensure that your mind and body stay active – with people just like you. If you’re lonely, you can simply head to the community room for some fun with others.

You Don’t Need to Leave Your Neighborhood

More than likely, there’s a senior living community near your current community. This means that you can still have easy access to family and friends as well as your favorite restaurants, shopping and activities.

Specialty Meal Planning

You may require a special diet. Your retirement community can create meals specifically designed to meet your dietary requirements – without any additional expense. Three meals will be served that fit your medically restricted diet.

Still Not Sure if It’s Right for You?

It can be tough to make the decision to leave your house. But you don’t need to make the move sight unseen. All senior living communities will allow you to tour their facilities, interact with guests, and potentially even try the food.

Search for ones in your local area, and schedule a visit. Look at their amenities. What types of activities do they offer? View sample menus. Determine how far they are from your favorite places. Then, narrow down your options. You’re bound to find one that will work for your unique preferences and needs – for a price that’s much better than trying to upgrade your home.

Enjoy Worry-Free, All-Inclusive Living at The Mansions

The Mansions Independent Senior Living communities redefines retirement living. With two communities in the Atlanta area and two in Oklahoma City, you can enjoy all the independence and comfort that you’re accustomed to without the need for paying extra for meals and household chores. Plus, you’ll save money, but still live in luxury!

Want to see an example of one of our menus? Check it out below:

Our staff will help you with everything from housekeeping to transportation to your favorite activities. Live life to the fullest at The Mansions nearest to you. If you’d like to learn more about our senior living communities, schedule a tour today, or download one of brochures.

View our testimonials to see why so many of our residents love living here!

Maintain Your Lifestyle with the Right Retirement Community

Many of us want to stay in our own homes when we get older – but sometimes that simply isn’t feasible. If the kids have moved away, and the house has become too big just for you, or it’s getting harder to navigate the stairs, then we may need to start looking at alternatives, like a senior living community.

The modern retirement communities are nothing like the ones of the past. Instead, they’re more like “country clubs” – with prepared meals, activities and luxurious setups. Still, finding the right one takes more than simply doing a search and picking the first one that pops up. You need to choose the right retirement community for your unique personality and lifestyle.

How to Choose a Senior Living Community

Before you start your search, look at your lifestyle. What do you like doing the most? Is it hiking in the woods? Taking a stroll to the nearest shopping district? Or is it simply sitting on the porch enjoying the morning sunshine while reading a book? Whatever makes you happy, make a list. This will be your list of “must haves”.

Next, determine what would be “nice to have”. For example, having gourmet meals prepared for you or riding in style (limousine, please!) to your favorite destinations.

Now, you have a list that you can use to compare your selections to the available options.

Something to remember: while you will definitely make new friends in your new home, you probably still want to be near family and your current friends. Don’t pick one too far away if possible. That way, you can still connect with your loved ones.

Determine Your Budget

While high-end communities may sound like everything you want, if you’re on a fixed budget, they might be outside your means. Always determine what you can afford before doing your research. While it’s important to get the best option for your lifestyle, it’s also important to always ensure that you can afford it.

Independent Living Versus Assisted Living

While independent living senior communities might look similar to assisted living options, the levels of care differ. Residents in assisted living communities may need assistance with everyday activities. Medical needs are often taken care of, and there’s usually a staff member available to these clients.

Independent seniors, on the other hand, don’t want to pay more for care they probably won’t need. So, while the amenities and communities may look similar, you need to understand the difference and choose the right one for your needs.

Looking at Reviews

Just like you look at reviews when selecting clothing, hotels, food, and more, you need to look at reviews for your potential retirement homes. This will give you an idea of the experience of people who have lived in the community.

There will always be negative reviews, but look at how the company responded. If they’ve taken steps to correct the issues, then this is a sign that the company is proactive in how they deal with their clients.

Recreational Options

Everyone wants to stay healthy. And that becomes doubly important as you age. Recreational opportunities not only keep you active; they also provide you with an opportunity to meet other seniors with similar interests. Recreational options should be available for any interest as well as any mobility.

Outings with transportation should also be available – including to shopping, entertainment, and even restaurants.

Social Opportunities

Friends are a key part of a healthy lifestyle. And moving to a new community can make it difficult to meet new people. This is why your senior living community should provide chances to connect with others via ongoing social activities. These can include learning a new skill like technology classes, bible studies, games, arts and crafts, and more.

Doing activities also helps keep your mind sharp as you age – and who doesn’t like learning a new skill.

Quality Services

Moving into a retirement community should make your life easier, not harder. There should be many services included. Most will offer prepared meals, transportation, and housekeeping. But the right one will go above and beyond. Look for amenities like the following:

  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Onsite barber or beauty shop
  • Onsite security
  • High-quality, chef-prepared meals
  • Curated activities
  • Storage
  • Fitness and wellness center
  • Rooms with balconies or patios
  • Private dining options
  • Library

Why Mansions Should Be Your First Choice

At Mansions Independent Senior Living, we have redefined retirement living. Our active, socially engaging communities – two in Oklahoma and two in the Atlanta area – ensure that you keep your independence and the comfort you’re accustomed to throughout your retirement years. We offer luxury living at affordable pricing. Our communities allow you to take advantage of many different activities and fitness options without the chores. We also offer chef-prepared heart healthy and delicious meals.

Contact us today to learn more about the community nearest you. Or call us today to schedule a tour.

Staying Active as You Get Older

As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain or improve your physical activity. However, it’s also important to note that being an active senior doesn’t always mean boring workouts at the gym. With how many different activities are available around The Mansions at Sandy Springs Senior Independent Living, you’re bound to find an exercise you love that doesn’t feel tedious. In fact, staying active can be quite fun! Here are some activities we recommend trying.

Active Senior Living Activities in Sandy Springs, GA


“Hiking” doesn’t always mean vigorous physical activity. Hiking can be very light walking on easy, paved walkways to steeply inclined routes. There is a large range of difficulty ratings. Luckily, close to our retirement community in Georgia, there are plenty of hiking trails available to you. A lot of them even have rest-stops or parks along the way to take a break or have a snack. This is the perfect exercise for seniors looking to spend some time in the outdoors with friends.

Travel and Take a Tour

The Cherokee Recreation Center has a Silver Roamers Club, which is for active adults 50+ years. The club meets once a month to discuss upcoming trips, which typically include two monthly day trips, two to three annual overnight trips, free luncheons and opportunities to make friends with other older adults. Types of trips include going to attractions in Georgia and the surrounding states. The group has traveled over 45,000 miles since the start of the club – that’s a lot of miles to meet new friends and experience your local community.

Dancing the Night Away

You can dance if you want to – and there’s plenty of places to do it. In Sandy Springs, the Kennesaw Square Dancers host square dancing classes on the first and third Friday of every month. The schedule can change based on holidays, so be sure to check out their website to see when they’re visiting the Ben Robertson Community Center next!

Alternatively, if square dancing isn’t your favorite style, the Stardust Ballroom Dance Club hosts monthly dance parties on the first  Friday or Saturday of every month. The parties all have a different and fun theme so you and your guests can dress up to match it. Prior to the start of the party, take a short dance lesson, which is designed  for both beginner and intermediate dancers, so you can learn the steps before getting out on the dance floor.

Participate in Sporting Events

Looking for more team activities? There are a variety of different sports in the area, including:


Several times a week, Mansions Senior Living hosts free exercise and jazzercise classes for residents. Exercises vary from yoga, Zumba, sitting aerobics, Tai Chi, dancing, and more! They’re all hosted by FOX Optimal Living.

Join Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers has online classes with a variety of different workouts for older adults looking to start or maintain an active lifestyle. If you’d prefer an in-person experience, plenty of gyms in Sandy Springs are participating members. Some insurance companies even pay for the membership fees at accredited gyms!

How Else Can Seniors Stay Active?

Want to know more about how seniors can stay active at the Mansions Senior Living retirement communities? Send us a message here to learn more.

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