Aging in place has become the “new” concept design trend. Many people as they grow older prefer to stay in their current home, a place where their kids grew up and where all their friends live. So, many will invest in thousands of dollars in upgrades to make their home better geared to them as they grow older.

Yet, there are many drawbacks – and extra expenses – to trying to age in place as opposed to considering a retirement community. Here are a few of them.

Paying for the Upgrades

More than likely, if you’ve lived in your home for decades, it’s probably already paid off. And you might already be on a fixed income. This could mean that you need to get a loan to pay for the upgrades or dive into savings.

If you’re planning on staying in your home, the average aging-in-place upgrades cost from $10,000 to $100,000 according to a CNBC report, and that doesn’t include if you need any type of caregiving services. Those can also run thousands of dollars per month.

You May Also Need Other Services

Cooking and cleaning become harder as you grow older. You may have to hire someone to assist you with these different tasks – which is another expense. If you decide that a food delivery service is the better option, those aren’t cheap either, further cutting into you monthly income.

Your Neighbors and Family May Move Away

People change residences all the time because they want to be closer to their kids, for jobs, etc. If you decide to stay in your home and your family and friends move away, then you may become lonely. Plus, you might not have anyone to assist you if you need help. If you’re already having mobility issues, you may want to consider the alternative: a senior living community.

Benefits of a Retirement Community

While many people don’t want to consider leaving their beloved home or neighborhood, there are many benefits to looking into a senior living community. For one, you’ll probably save money.

Cost-Efficient Option

The average retirement community costs $4,000 or less per month. If you consider hiring a caregiver, maid, and/or cook to come to your house, these costs will be significantly less. Senior living communities typically include meals and cleaning, and they are already designed for people with mobility issues. If you need additional assistance with daily living chores, there are ones that cater to that as well.


If you live alone, then your chances of being lonely increase. This can affect your mental and physical health. Senior living communities provide you with the opportunity to meet new people around your own age. They also have all sorts of social and physical options to ensure that your mind and body stay active – with people just like you. If you’re lonely, you can simply head to the community room for some fun with others.

You Don’t Need to Leave Your Neighborhood

More than likely, there’s a senior living community near your current community. This means that you can still have easy access to family and friends as well as your favorite restaurants, shopping and activities.

Specialty Meal Planning

You may require a special diet. Your retirement community can create meals specifically designed to meet your dietary requirements – without any additional expense. Three meals will be served that fit your medically restricted diet.

Still Not Sure if It’s Right for You?

It can be tough to make the decision to leave your house. But you don’t need to make the move sight unseen. All senior living communities will allow you to tour their facilities, interact with guests, and potentially even try the food.

Search for ones in your local area, and schedule a visit. Look at their amenities. What types of activities do they offer? View sample menus. Determine how far they are from your favorite places. Then, narrow down your options. You’re bound to find one that will work for your unique preferences and needs – for a price that’s much better than trying to upgrade your home.

Enjoy Worry-Free, All-Inclusive Living at The Mansions

The Mansions Independent Senior Living communities redefines retirement living. With two communities in the Atlanta area and two in Oklahoma City, you can enjoy all the independence and comfort that you’re accustomed to without the need for paying extra for meals and household chores. Plus, you’ll save money, but still live in luxury!

Want to see an example of one of our menus? Check it out below:

Mansions Senior Living

Our staff will help you with everything from housekeeping to transportation to your favorite activities. Live life to the fullest at The Mansions nearest to you. If you’d like to learn more about our senior living communities, schedule a tour today, or download one of brochures.

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