When is the Right Time to Move Into an Independent Living Community?

We all love our independence. Yet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t acknowledge that things may have gotten harder as we’ve gotten older. If you’re over 55, you may still embrace an active lifestyle, but may not want to do as much housework, or you may be isolated in your current environment.

How do you know that it’s time to move into a retirement community?

You Want More Social Interaction

Living alone can be lonely. While you may have friends or family in the area, that doesn’t mean that you can interact with them on daily basis. Research has proven that have an active social life reduces the chances of major health issues like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular problems.

You’re Tired of Housework

Even many younger people don’t enjoy housework and the responsibilities that come with owning a home. As you get older, however, these tasks become even harder. If you’re having trouble keeping up with house maintenance and yard work, downsizing and moving into an independent living community can make a lot of sense. Plus, you will be able to pad your savings with the sale of your home.

You Need a Little More Help These Days

As we get older, we may not be able to do as much as we did in the past – and that’s OK. It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy our golden years and outsource the work to someone else. An independent living community makes this really easy. They are designed for seniors who want to have a more carefree lifestyle.

You’re Thinking About Your Budget

If you’re retired or on the verge of retiring, then you need to start considering what you’re spending on a monthly basis. More than likely, your retirement funds will be different from when you were working. If you’re considering staying in your home, you may need to add modifications to make your current house more aging-in-place friendly. These updates could cost thousands of dollars.

Or you might be thinking about hiring someone to clean and cook. While this can certainly limit how much you need to do, you also need to factor these costs into your monthly budget. This already on top of standard meal, transportation, and medical services costs.

With an all-inclusive senior independent living community like The Mansions, all these items will be included. You’ll pay one flat fee and have all your property maintenance, meals, and transportation needs included.

You’re Considering What Could Happen in the Future

While you might be perfectly healthy now, that doesn’t mean that you will be in the future – and you don’t want to wind up being a burden to your family. While many seniors only move into retirement communities once they’re having trouble, others are thinking ahead and want to be in a safe place long before they start developing issues.

You Want Peace of Mind Knowing that You’re Covered

It can be challenging living alone. If an emergency does happen, it could be harder to get help exactly when you need it. At The Mansions, we have 24-hour emergency pull cords and security cameras to ensure that you’re always protected and that we’ll be there as soon as you need us.

Signs You Shouldn’t Live Alone

It’s hard giving up the lifestyle that you’re used to, but there are some signs that indicate it might be time to start thinking about a retirement community:

  • You’re already having memory issues.
  • Your eating habits have changed.
  • You’re more depressed or unwilling to do your favorite activities.
  • You’re forgetting to take your medications, or you’re taking more than you should.
  • You’re not keeping up with home or personal maintenance.

It’s helpful to look at your options long before you need to move into a retirement community, and these communities have many benefits that can improve your well-being and social interactions.

Why Consider The Mansions?

We know that you have a lot of options for senior independent living communities. At The Mansions, however, we go above and beyond to take care of your needs. We offer different levels of care to ensure that every resident gets the support that they require.

Our senior community accommodations offer all the comforts and amenities of living at home – without all the work involved. Find your new home at one of our locations in either Oklahoma City or Atlanta. Schedule a tour today!

How to Stay Healthy During Winter

Winter can be many things – a relief from the warm weather, the start of winter sports season, and even the possibility of snow. Yet, it can also result in ice and freezing cold temperatures as well as the rise in flu cases. While you may enjoy the weather, you may not enjoy these aspects of this time of year. It’s important to take steps to stay healthy throughout this season.

Dress Appropriately

While it might be snug and warm inside, the second that you walk outside, you need to be prepared for the weather. Always dress in lawyers. Seniors are highly susceptible to colder temperatures, and too much exposure to freezing temperatures can result in hypothermia, frostbite, and other illnesses. And to ensure that you won’t be exposed to terribly cold temperatures, stay inside if the thermometer drops too far below freezing.

Beware of Icy or Snowy Sidewalks

If you live in a senior living community, sidewalks will be cleared on a regular basis. If you still in your own home or you’re taking a stroll around your community or shopping area, sidewalks and crosswalks might be covered in ice and snow. If you’re not careful, this can result in slips or falls, which can easily lead to fractured bones or dislocations.

If you still plan on leaving the house or retirement community, invest in ice claws. These can be attached to your shoes and reduce the possibility of slipping.

Stay Healthy

Many of us will tend to hibernate during the winter, reducing our outdoor activities and social interactions. This can lead to depression, especially around the holidays. Poor mental health can lead to reduced immune resistance and other physical issues.

On nice days, go for a walk. If that’s not possible, go to your fitness center or to the swimming pool. Participate in social activities with your friends and family. Host dinner parties. Participate in the daily activities at your retirement home. Take steps that keep you active.

Try a New Hobby

If most of your favorite things to do involve being outside, then it might be time to think about starting a new activity. Consider picking up crocheting or knitting. If these types of activities aren’t your cup of tea, then join a book club or maybe even learn how to do standup. New fitness activities like yoga or tai chi can keep you active as well as improve your range of movement. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re living in a retirement community, check out the monthly calendar. See what’s being offered. You might find inspiration there to learn something new!

Get Your Flu Shot

While the flu shot is important every year, it’s especially crucial this year with the chance of contracting both flu and COVID-19. Being up to date on your shots will reduce your chances of contracting these.

Wear Your Masks

If you’re going out in mixed company, most of us will be indoors. With the threat of COVID-19 still high in many places, wearing a mask while indoors will reduce your chances of being infected.

Watch Your Diet

Because many of us are less active during winter, you could gain weight. People tend to snack more or just eat whatever is easiest to make. You must eat a balanced diet throughout the year. Luckily, if you’re staying in a senior living community like The Mansions, this is quite easy with our chef-prepared meals. We’ll ensure that you get balanced meal no matter what the outside weather is like.

Take Care of Your Skin

Winter can be brutal on your skin. The air is typically drier, and we’re probably running the heat to stay warm. This can lead to cracked or dry skin. Have plenty of moisturizer on hand, and make it a point to hydrate your skin at least once a day.

Another issue is that skin can become thinner during the winter. You should always wear some light outer layers to protect your skin.

Many of us forget that even though it’s winter, you can still get sunburned. Be sure to always wear sunscreen any time that you’re outside. If you take part in winter sports, sun reflection off the snow and ice can lead to bad sunburns. Take precautions!

Let Us Remove the Stress of Winter!

At The Mansions, we’ll take care of all your winter needs. If you need to go to a local restaurant or shopping area, we’ll do the driving. No need to fight the winter conditions. Our sidewalks and outside common areas are always cleared of snow and ice to ensure your safety.

With our included meals and fitness/wellness center, you can stay healthy all winter long. You also won’t feel alone when you take advantage of our packed activity calendar. Schedule a tour today. We look forward to showing you everything that The Mansions has offer!

Atlanta Named One of the Best Places to Retire!

We’ve always enjoyed living in Atlanta, but we were more than pleasantly surprised to see that Atlanta has been named one of the best places to retire. In a recent report by WalletHub, Atlanta ranked 10th on a list of 180 U.S. cities of best places to retire. It ranked extremely high for many criteria items.

How the Cities Were Ranked

To get its rankings, WalletHub compared retirement-friendliness of the cities across four dimensions:

  • Affordability: cost of living, taxes, and cost of health care
  • Activities: number of music venues, museums, and other forms of entertainment
  • Quality of Life: number of seniors, air and water quality, weather, etc.
  • Health Care: quality of services

And those dimensions were then graded using 48 metrics. Metrics were evaluated on a 100-point scale with scores closest to 100 having the most favorable conditions.

How Did Atlanta Do?

Overall, Atlanta ranked 1st for its age-friendliness and 7th for recreation opportunities. In fact, according to the Georgia Sun, Atlanta “has the most golf courses and art galleries per capita compared with the other cities. It also ranked first for its availability of adult volunteer activities.”

That’s highly impressive!

The number one ranking city on the report was Orlando, FL, followed by Charleston, SC. The worst cities to retire in were San Bernardino, CA, Newark, NJ, and Bridgeport, CT.

There’s Many Reasons We Love Atlanta

It’s for good reason that our Mansions properties have several locations in the Atlanta area. We know how much Atlanta has to offer. When you move into one of our affordable luxury senior living communities, you’ll have immediate access to many different activities, including dining, hiking, shopping and more.

As part of our all-inclusive services, we provide transportation to anywhere you want to go. We also have activities on-site as well as a health and fitness center. Not sure if The Mansions is right for you? Schedule a tour so we can show you our amazing properties as well as allow you to meet some of our happy residents.

Comparing Independent Living Communities: Questions to Ask Yourself

When you’ve finally made up your mind that it’s time to move into an independent living community, you need to select the right one for your needs. While this might be a straightforward process, it can actually be quite time consuming and an energy suck. So, you need to narrow down your options before you even schedule a tour. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you pick the right one.

What’s Your Budget?

Before selecting a senior care community, you should review your budget. Many communities are “all-inclusive”. This means that most items are included, including utilities, telephone, housekeeping, food, and more. For example, at The Mansions, our costs are extremely affordable in comparison to owning your own home. Just check out this worksheet.

While a new independent senior living community will make financial sense, ensure that your selected one fits your budget. You’re probably on a fixed income. Verify that your current selection won’t exceed that. Don’t forget to take into account fun activities that you’ve always enjoyed, including travel, dining out, etc. So, always ensure that you have a little extra. If any senior living community exceeds your budget, exclude it.

What Do You Really Want – or Need – to Remain Happy?

You’re probably looking at an independent living community because you’re tired of taking care of your home or maybe cooking. Whatever the reason, there are still things that you probably want. For example, you would like to stay close to where your family and friends live. Or maybe, you want to continue going to the same restaurants and shopping districts that you’ve done in past.

Consider what you can live with and without. You might not want your large, two-story home anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t want a space that can accommodate your favorite items. So, maybe a time senior apartment won’t fit the bill, but a condo or townhouse will.

What Activities Are Included?

Most senior living communities have a calendar of activities that are offered throughout the month. Looking at the different activity calendars can give you an idea of what’s offered. You may even want to drop on when some of these activities are occurring to determine how well attended they are. If no one shows up on a regular basis, then this might not fit your requirements.

You may even want a fitness/wellness center. Most retirement communities do offer these amenities, but if it’s on your list, be sure to ask.

What’s the Makeup and Age of the Residents?

You want to make sure that you’re going to be living with people with whom you can easily make friends. So, asking about the demographics of the place – couples versus singles and men versus women – will help you decide if the makeup fits your needs.

What’s in the Contract?

Before signing any type of contract, it makes sense to have your lawyer and financial adviser to review it. You want to understand what you’re going to get before signing on the dotted line and handing over your first payment. All-inclusive contracts typically include nearly everything that’s offered at the community, including transportation, meals, utilities, and more. While a fee-for-service contract will have lower starting fees, you’ll probably have to pay for additional services. It’s important to determine what extras you’ll have to fork cash over for before agreeing to move into a place.

During the Initial Tour

It’s important once you narrow down your search to consider a few more items during your initial tour of the property.

Does This Feel Like Home?

It won’t matter how affordable, close to your favorite activities, or nice the people are if the place just doesn’t feel like home. If you can’t imagine yourself living in the senior living community, then it’s not the right one for you.

How is the Atmosphere?

Does it feel like everyone is enjoying their time there? Is it welcoming? If you’re getting a vibe that everyone is not enjoying themselves, then that might be significant sign. Try to visit the community during the day to really see how people use the common spaces. Talk to the residents. If they’re honestly raving about the space, then it’s probably a good place to live.

What Are the Meals Like?

Meals are extremely important. Ask when mealtimes are. Are you allowed to eat any time you want? Are the menus flexible? Are the meals created by a chef? If the meals seem pretty prepackaged or the dining hours are only at set hours, then this might not be right for you.

Thinking about all these concerns prior to selecting a community will ensure that you will find the perfect place to live your golden years.

The Mansions properties always strive to ensure that our residents enjoy their stays with us, and we are highly accommodating to their needs. Schedule a free tour to learn more about our properties.

Is It Time to Move Your Parents Into an Assisted Living Community?

Most of us don’t want to think about our parents getting older. But the truth of the matter is that it will happen – even if we’re not mentally ready for it. While we all like to think that Mom and Dad will be able to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives, there may come a time when a health crisis or other issues will require you to move your parents into an assisted living community. When is the right time to consider this?

It’s Tougher for Them to Do Daily Activities

If your parents are having trouble doing activities likes cooking or even dressing themselves, then an assisted living facility can be a good choice for them. As parents get older, it can be harder to do daily living activities. This doesn’t mean that they still aren’t independent in many ways, but they might need just more assistance to get through the day.

They Often Forget to Take Medications

Medications are important, and forgetting to take them – or taking too many – can be life threatening to your parents. If you notice that there are expired medications in the house or your parent has ended up in the hospital for taking too many pills, these are all signs that it’s time for some more help.

At an assisted living facility, experienced medical staff will ensure that medications are distributed and that your family member is taking them properly.

Your Parents Feel Isolated

It can be tough for you to visit as often. If your parents don’t have a good social circle, this can lead to many issues, including depression and drinking. If you notice an increase in unhealthy habits in your parents or a decline in their health – since isolation can lead to premature death – you should consider an assisted living community.

Decline in Mental Faculties or Changes in Personality

Changes in personality, forgetfulness or aggression that isn’t normal could be indicative of larger issues. These might be difficult for you to deal with on your own, and your parents might need more assistance to get through the day.

Increased Frailty

As adults get older, many will develop different types of chronic diseases. These can lead to major health concerns that require management. Plus, your parent might become frailer, meaning that falls can result in serious injury or even death.

They Can’t Do Things Around the House

As anyone gets older, yard work, cleaning, and regular house maintenance gets harder. If your parent is experiencing issues with taking care of the home, then you could get a maid to assist with the work. That, however, is an extra expense that might cut into an already tight budget. Many older people will still try do work around their own homes that could be risky. If they simply can’t take care of their property anymore, it would be easier on them to sell it and move into a community where these things are addressed by others.

Inability to Take Care of Their Own Finances

If bills are being missed or taxes aren’t being filed, then this could indicate that your senior parents just can’t take care of these anymore. Especially if a family member is suffering from any type of dementia, this can get harder as the years go by. If you’re not careful, your parent may even fall victim to financial scams that will have an even bigger impact on Mom’s or Dad’s finances.

They’re Just Not Eating Well

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to cook or even go to the grocery store. If you’re finding unhealthy or even lots of expired foods, or your parent is rapidly losing or gaining weight, they might not be eating right. An assisted living facility will have a chef that will offer healthy meals throughout the day.

How Do I Approach the Subject?

It’s not easy to broach this subject with parents who have been used to living on their own for decades. In fact, you might even get a violent reaction. It’s important to take steps to make the move easier. Don’t only talk about the positives of moving into an assisted living facility or make empty promises.

Listen to their frustrations and fears. Be ready to address them and comfort your parents. Work closely with them to find a retirement community that matches their current lifestyle. Ensure that your parent’s needs are taken care of at their new home. Help them meet new people, and visit often.

While you might have a lot of guilt about making this move, remember it’s for their own good. They’ll be better protected and will quickly meet likeminded people.

Why Choosing The Mansions Is the Right Choice?

At The Mansions, we pride ourselves on our caring staff. With our different levels of care, we can accommodate every need of our clients. With locations in both Oklahoma and Georgia, our residents can take advantage of different activities, meal plans and fitness options. Learn more now!

How to Downsize to Get Ready for Your Independent Living Apartment

Moving is stressful to begin with – and it can be even more nerve-wracking if you’re moving into a smaller space. You have to go through your items and decide what you’re willing to keep, sell or donate. If you’re older, then you’ve probably accumulated a lot over the years. If you’ve decided to move into a senior living community, then you need to take inventory and figure out what you can’t live without.

Where to Start

Before beginning to go through all your stuff, get the measurements of your new senior living apartment, and mentally start to lay out your space. Start with the larger items and determine if they’ll fit in your apartment. It’s much easier to eliminate bigger furniture first if you know that they’ll no longer fit your needs.

Take Inventory

No matter where you’re moving to, you should have a comprehensive list of everything that you own. As you start this list, you’ll notice that a lot of items haven’t been used in a long time. For example, if you have a lot of kitchen tools that you haven’t even pulled out in the last year – or perhaps, never used – these are easy to eliminate.

As you’re going through your belongings, separate items that you can’t live without from the ones that you like, but might be able to do without. You really only want to take what you need – as well as items that you truly love.

Start Separating Items

Create a system for going through items. You can either segment areas of a room or create boxes with labels like “keep”, “donate”, “give away”, and “trash”. It’s easier to start with a single room than try to tackle your entire house, which could make the separation process easier. You can single out a section of each room for your boxes or groups of items.

When going through your stuff, look for duplicates. Many of us will forget that we own something and buy another one. Donating the extras is an easy way to downsize a lot of things. Again, the kitchen area is notorious for duplicates. Keep your favorites, and ditch the rest.

You should go through your entire house before actually getting rid of anything. You might discover that you want or need a certain item that you had put into your donation box.

Visit Your New Space – Again – And Again

Even if your exact apartment isn’t ready yet, it’s worth visiting one of the empty models so you can really start determining what can go where. This will help you visualize where items can be put and determine what should be kept and what you don’t need anymore.

Take measurements. You don’t want to keep that massive bed if it’s not going to fit into your new bedroom. Figure that out before the movers bring it all the way to the new place.

Keep a Virtual Copy

Many of us have hundreds of documents lying around our property. Many of us have stored these for a variety of reasons. For the most part, however, you don’t need a physical copy of these items. You can scan them and save a digital copy instead. This will help you quickly get rid of any unwanted paper.

While we might love our old photographs, there’s no reason to keep the actual physical photo. Instead, these also can be converted into an online version that can be stored – without ever worrying about losing the original.

If you’re unsure how to do this, enlist the assistance of your kids or grandkids. And have fun. Take it as an opportunity to laugh about favorite memories or even start an online scrapbook.

Don’t Buy Anything New – Yet

We all want our new space to be fresh and attractive. Many of us might be tempted to start buying new pieces for our new senior living apartment. But you might discover that your current items will work just as well as newer ones. Plus, you don’t want to be buying anything during the process of decluttering. Get a feel for the space, and then consider what you’re missing.

Take Your Time

Moving is hard. No one is denying that. And getting rid of belongings that you’ve had for years that might have sentimental meaning is hard. If you find that you can’t let go of something right now that doesn’t fit in your space, then don’t. You can always get a storage unit for a while and keep items that you’re still on the fence about, especially if you’ve already sold your current home.

Your children, extended family, and friends might also be willing to hold onto items until you’re ready. Plus, if you’re having a hard time going through things, then enlisting the assistance of these people should be a priority anyway. The more help that you receive, the easier the entire process will be.

Learn More About The Mansions

The Mansions is the premier senior living community in Oklahoma and the Atlanta area. Schedule a free tour or download our brochure to learn more about our properties.

Resident Profile: Meet John & Molly

It can be tough selecting an independent senior living community. Like churches, it often seems like there’s one on every corner, each with their own pros and cons.  That’s why it’s our goal at The Mansions to ensure that our communities are a right fit for you – we want to make your decision to move to a Mansions Senior Living community easy, effortless, and “pain-free.”

We’d like to introduce you to a couple who have been living at The Mansions at Sandy Springs for six years, John and Molly Titus. These long-term residents are a staple of our Sandy Springs community and willing to share their Mansions’ experience.

Meet John and Molly

The decision to move independent senior living community was fairly easy because both John and Molly had tired of taking care of a home and all the responsibilities of daily living.

“We didn’t care about taking care of a house anymore. I used to do all the yard work and didn’t want to do it anymore,” said John. “And I’ve never been fond of cooking,” interjected Molly.

John continued. “When we were thinking about selling house and moving into independent living, we looked at twenty places in two years. We looked at the location, amenities, and finally, you have to look at cost. What we found after all that, after visiting places at all over Atlanta, we thought we got best value for the money at The Mansions.”

Why They Choose The Mansions

After searching for a long time, John and Molly saw an ad in the newspaper touting the benefits of living at The Mansions. On impulse, they drove over one a Sunday afternoon and met with executive director, Debbie Brennan, who showed them every nook and corner of the community. It didn’t take long until they realized they loved the place!

“Sandy Springs is only 15 miles from where we lived in Stone Mountain. It was in a great area and in a very nice location. It’s adjacent to nice restaurants and good shopping. And lots of nearby parks,” said Molly.  The latter was very important to the couple since they enjoy walking so much.

“Got to stay active!”, said John.

John and Molly also liked the fact that the rooms are spacious with a washer and dryer in the unit. (They reside in a two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath unit.) They have a balcony – a must for Molly who enjoys outdoor space. Both report how happy with the layout and functionality of their apartment home.

Why They Continue to Live at The Mansions

“We like most everything about the community.”

The couple like the wide range of diverse activities, including outings with fellow residents. They like the fact that they can go out and walk in nearby parks, attend lectures from residents who are specialists in their fields, and enjoy playing games like trivia and other contests the community hosts.

Molly has enjoyed the knitting and crochet groups. She’s especially enjoyed the Christmas card classes and has displayed her artwork in the local art show.

The couple has also participated in cruise week and Christmas events like the tree lighting and singing carols. “There are just lots of activities here,” said XXXX.

Here’s Why They Think You Should Consider Living at Sandy Springs

John says, “There’s a lot of good reasons to live in a Mansions, but the top reason is the staff. Staff here is outstanding. Good attitudes. Willingness to serve. All kinds of energy. Big hearts – you have to have the heart for the work.”

They both also credit Debbie Brennan for her outstanding leadership and setting the example for the others.

Outside of activities and staff, they also noted the high quality of meals. “The Mansions recently hired a new chef that is excellent and attentive to the needs of the residents,” said Molly.

The couple would encourage anyone to come take a look at the community. According to John, “It’s a good place to live. The community is very welcoming. It’s easy to make friends here.”

Said Molly, “We’ve been here almost six years, and we’re looking forward to six more – plus!”

Interested in a Mansions Property?

Contact us to learn more about our retirement communities, or download our brochure today. We hope you’ll call not – we’ll be happy to schedule a tour and lunch or dinner of any Mansions senior living community you’d like to visit today!

Picking a Senior Living Community: Independent Living vs. Assisted Living vs. Memory Care

If you’re in the process of evaluating senior living communities, you might have come across the following types: senior independent living, assisted living, and memory care. You may be wondering what’s the difference between these different communities – and which one is right for you or your loved.

To help you narrow down your choices, we review each type today!

Independent Senior Living

This is the perfect place for seniors who are able to take care of themselves but want to reduce their responsibilities. Independent senior living communities offer a wide variety of amenities, including wellness and fitness centers, activities like happy hours, classes, libraries, transportation to shopping districts, and more.

The main reason that many seniors choose this option is because they no longer want to be concerned about house upkeep – and all the expenses that come along with it. If you’re on a fixed budget, taking care of broken appliances, buying groceries, and paying utilities can start to run up. This doesn’t even include the need to cook, do laundry, and clean your home. If you choose to outsource those tasks, that’s also another expense.

All-inclusive independent senior living communities will be a set price that includes everything from transportation to chef-prepared meals to housekeeping. Typical arrangements are senior living apartments, but some other places will offer larger condos or townhomes. Depending on your preferences, you can have a space as large or as small as you desire.

Assisted Living

While independent living communities are intended for active seniors who just don’t want to maintain a house, assisted living communities are designed for seniors who will need help with daily living tasks like bathing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, and more. These communities are designed with safety in mind since many of these seniors will have trouble navigating traditional setups.

These safety features can range from daily check-ins by a staff member or nurse to an in-room emergency system. Staff members will be specially hired to support patients in this group. In fact, 24-hour care will be provided to ensure that residents maintain their quality of life.

Assisted living communities offer nearly the same amenities as an independent living community. Residents will still have access to all sorts of activities like game nights, exercise classes, workshops, outings, and more. There will be plenty of opportunity to socialize with other seniors.

The types of individuals who would be best suited for an assisted living facility will vary. For example, if a patient has dementia, but only needs some help daily activities, that person could thrive in an assisted living community. If the dementia is too far along, then these individuals might do better in a memory care community. Memory care communities typically have more safety features, which decreases the chances of a patient having to deal with an unsafe environment.

Memory Care

While assisted living communities can help a wide variety of seniors who need assistance, memory care communities are for seniors who have degenerative memory issues, including dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Activities in these communities will typically focus on dementia-specific types of activities. For example, music therapy has been shown to help those with dementia access different parts of their brain. There are also types of memory games that can help with memory loss. The goal is to create an environment that will have a positive impact on the senior’s life.

Since residents with memory issues often showcase challenging behaviors, special steps need to be taken to ensure their safety. They may be prone to wandering off so door alarms may be added. Staff will be specifically trained in memory care to help the residents. Many seniors with dementia or other memory issues might become easily confused and get lost. Each community will have 24-hour supervision to ensure that seniors are safe at all times.

Which One Do I Choose?

Before selecting a community, you need to consider your or your loved one’s needs. Are you able to easily handle daily tasks, or do you need a little help? Is your mother or grandmother capable of living with just a little assistance, or has the person’s memory problems progressed too far?

There may also be a “between” stage. Your loved one may be able to live at an assisted living facility until the dementia progresses and then move into a memory care community.

All Levels of Care at Mansions

At Mansions, we offer communities for all levels of care, including senior independent living, assisted living, and memory care. We have trained staff who specialize in geriatric care as well as hold advanced certifications in dementia care. If you’re not sure which community would work best for you, we’ll gladly be a resource during your decision-making process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you!

Why Senior Living Communities Can Make You Healthier

Living alone – and being lonely – can have negative affects on your health. In fact, according to recent studies, there is evidence that depression can shorten your lifespan, which people with fewer social connections tend to suffer from. This is why it’s important to always ensure that you have healthy connections and activities to do, especially as you age.

While there are allures to staying in your own home, there are many benefits to moving to a retirement community, including that it can make healthier!

More Opportunities for Social Connections

As mentioned, depression can lead to all sorts of health issues, and people who live alone tend to suffer from it. In a senior living community, however, you’ll have a wide variety of opportunities of meeting and connecting with new people.

These communities also have tons of activities for their residents. These can keep your mind stimulated as you interact with others. Regular connections with others can improve both brain health and lower your risk for developing dementia.

Better Access to Help – and Healthcare – When You Need It

If you hurt yourself while at home, you may be alone. You may not be able to drive yourself to the hospital and have to wait for the ambulance. This delays your needed care.

If you live in a retirement community, however, there are plenty of healthcare options that are available to you – many 24/7 depending on the type of facility you or your loved ones move into. Independent senior living communities often have wellness centers on-site that are staffed with nurses or nurse practitioners. If you have a cold or just aren’t feeling well, you can simply walk to the center located within the community.

Opportunities for Physical Activity

Regular exercise not only strengthens the body. It also is good for mental health. Retirement communities often have fitness centers on-site, allowing seniors to take advantage of workout classes, pools, yoga, and more.

Regular exercise can lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and even improve your sleep.

Another benefit of senior living communities is that they’re designed to be pedestrian friendly. This provides more opportunities for going for a walk by yourself or with a group. Walking is a great cardio exercise.

Better-Quality Food

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to slave over the stove cooking healthy meals. With retirement communities, however, you’ll get three regular healthy meals every day. And if you have special dietary restrictions, those will even be accommodated.

And these aren’t going to be those barely edible “healthy meals” that we’ve all gotten in the past. These are usually chef-prepared, and they’re often overseen by dietitians to ensure that they’re healthy for all residents.

Brain Stimulating Activities

Keeping your brain stimulated is just as important as taking care of your physical body. It’s been proven that picking up a new hobby can help you stay sharp throughout your lifetime. Inclusive senior living communities will offer different types of classes, workshops, or even talks for their residents.

Many also have comprehensive libraries. Reading is a great way to not only explore new worlds, but also keep your brain sharp.

Reduced Stress

Seniors who live alone tend to be more stressed out than their counterparts who live in retirement communities. Even if they hire a housekeeper, they still need to coordinate the running of their household as well as ensure that monthly bills are paid.

When you move into a senior living community, you’ll be giving up all responsibility for these types of chores. These communities will have an all-inclusive price, covering everything from utilities to meals to transportation. Housekeeping will also be included – no more need to try to clean or have someone clean for you.

More Secure Living Areas

Standard homes are wrought with dangers for seniors. From falling down the stairs to slipping in the bathroom, these are all potential hazards. Senior living communities, however, are designed to be safe for seniors.

Typically, all rooms include good lighting, grab bars in the bathrooms, and elevators in the hallways. They’ll also have emergency call systems in case something does happen, meaning that someone will respond to a resident who is in distress.

Mansions – Redefining Retirement

Mansions Independent Senior Living has four active communities: two in Oklahoma City and two in the Atlanta area. We believe in providing you with luxury living at an affordable cost. By choosing to stay in one of our retirement communities, you’ll have access to the best food as well as top-quality activities, including exercise classes, an arts and craft room, a wellness center, and so much more!

Our experienced and caring staff will help you with everything that you need – from housekeeping to transportation to recommendations on things to do. Schedule a free tour today, or download our brochure to learn more!

How to Make Friends in Your New Senior Living Community

Children easily make friends. Pretty much everyone that they meet immediately becomes their friend. As adults, however, most of us find it difficult to meet and connect with others. That’s one of the reasons why many people are reluctant to move to a new location.

All of this can be doubly hard for seniors. Leaving family and current friends can be quite daunting. If you have decided to move into a retirement community, this means mingling with a whole set of new people. How do you make new friends? We have some suggestions.

Always Have a Smile on Your Face

Have you ever noticed that people who seem friendly get approached by new people all the time? A smile indicates that you’re open to talking to others and that you’re approachable. From day one, smile and greet everyone that you encounter, whether it’s in the hall, at the dining table, or in the common areas.

For shy people, this can seem hard. The more you make the effort to do it, however, the easier it will become.

Take Part in Activities

If you’re sitting alone in your apartment all the time, you won’t have the opportunity to get to know other people. Taking part in activities that interest you do a couple of things: one) you’ll be doing something that you enjoy. Two) you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, potentially providing an opportunity to meet new friends.

Bring Along Trusted Friends and Family Members

If you’re intimidated to join events on your own, ask your current friends or family members to come with you. You’re more likely to relax if you have someone you can talk to during the event. If you already have a friend who is super social, that person could be the perfect one to help you meet new people.

Eat in the Common Areas

When mealtime comes, go sit with some strangers. In fact, each day, sit at a new table with new people. This way, you’ll get exposed to many of the residents. If you’re not sure if you’d be welcome at a certain table, talk to the staff. The staff is there to help you quickly get comfortable in your new home. They’ll also know which people are the most receptive to newcomers.

Invite Others Over for Snacks or Coffee

You don’t have to restrict your interactions with others solely in the common areas. Instead, if you’ve talked with someone a few times, invite the person over for some dessert, snacks, or even a coffee break. Some one-on-one time can be a great way to really get to know somebody and start making closer friends.

Find Other New Residents

Just like you, there may be other residents who are fairly new that are looking for friends. Seek them out, introduce yourself, and work together to learn the ropes or help each other. Since you’re both new, you can join activities together and approach others together.

Join a Book Club or Card Game – Or Start One Up Yourself

Small group activities are a great way to meet new friends. Most senior living communities will have set activities designed for both large and small groups. If not, create one yourself. A weekly card game or monthly book club will consistently expose you to the same people and provide opportunities to get closer with them.

Don’t Rush It

Many of the people you are encountering probably already has a friend group. That doesn’t mean that they’re not willing to make new friends. It just may take them a while to start inviting you to things. You can’t force friendships – and you don’t want to anyway. Find people that you really jive with and that have similar interests.

You’ll also just be moving into a new environment. You must also get used to your surroundings. If you remain open to new friendships, continually introduce yourself, and be patient, you’ll start having your own crowd in no time!

Benefits of Making New Friends

Seniors who have social circles tend to have better physical and mental health. Being alone increases your chances of depression. Studies have also proven that friendship can improve your immune system, making it easier to fight off the flu or colds. Seniors who have a support group also tend to live longer than those who are more isolated.

Plus, it’s just fun to hang out and do things with other people! Get out there, and make new friends!

Mansions Makes It Easy to Connect

At Mansions, we offer a wide range of social activities for people with all types of mobility. We have a sports lounge, arts and crafts room, library, and different events throughout the year. These include happy hours, weekly dances, exercise classes, outings, parties, and more! Learn more about our properties by contacting us or downloading our brochure!