Best Scenic Senior Hiking Trails for Seniors in Sandy Springs, GA

Do not be intimidated by the term “hiking trails.” In fact, there are many different levels senior hiking trails  walking trails for seniors  that range from easy, paved paths to rigorous, steep inclines. With so many scenic areas in Sandy Springs, Georgia, you are bound to find the perfect exercise route for you. Mansions Senior Living has compiled a detailed list of the best scenic hiking trails for seniors – all within an appropriate distance from the retirement community.

Benefits of Senior Hiking

According to Better Health, something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day can benefit your health by:

  • Increasing cardiovascular and lung fitness
  • Reducing risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Improving management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, join stiffness, muscular pain, and diabetes
  • Strengthening bones
  • Reducing body fat
  • Increasing endurance and muscle strength

Check with your doctor or physician before embarking on an adventure to higher levels of hiking trails for seniors. Remember to stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks!

Best Walking Trails For Seniors & Senior Hiking Trails in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Johnson Park Recreation Center


Less than an hour’s drive from Sandy Springs, the Johnson Park Recreation Center is the perfect place to take in the fresh air. Additionally, if you are looking to exercise on a regular basis, you can meet up with the Golden Trotters Walking Club, who walk four times a week. The Center also hosts special workouts like yoga, Pilates, and line dancing classes.

Big Trees Forest Preserve


Experience a glimpse of beauty on the 1.5-mile walking trails for seniors at the Big Trees Forest Preserve. They have handicapped-accessible trails with guides that inform hikers about how human impact can have both positive and negative effects on water quality and the forest community. Some trails you can visit: Backcountry Trail, Spring Hollow Trail, The Jackson Overlook. You can make every visit different. Take your friends and family with you and enjoy the serene, picturesque backdrop.

Allatoona Pass


For seniors looking to stay active while learning about history, the Allatoona Pass is a great choice. The walking trail is very flat and shaded, making it a pleasant trip. The pass also played a significant role in the Great Locomotive Chase in April 1962. You will find the Grave of the Unknown Hero, burial site of an unidentified Confederate soldier, antique photographs, a signal tower, and many more historical markings. If history is not one of your interests, the path also opens to the beautiful Lake Allatoona.

Atlanta BeltLine


An important addition to the hiking trails for seniors list is the Atlanta BeltLine. Although this urban walking trail stretches along 10.9 miles, it runs through many different parks and rest stops. This is an ideal trail to revisit over time to try and complete and explore the city. The Atlanta BeltLine also hosts many different events and activities, making it an easy location to improve senior fitness.

The Big Creek Greenway


Another long walking trail in Georgia is The Big Creek Greenway. Like the Atlanta BeltLine, it also has events, gazebos, parks, picnic tables, and more. It makes the route perfect for revisiting and enjoying nature. In the nature trails and side excursions, you may find wild turkeys, herons, deer, and colorful birds. Bring your camera or phone if you want to share the fun moments while increasing your senior fitness.

Cricket Frog Trail


One of the hiking trails for seniors worth highlighting is the Cricket Frog Trail. As the name suggests, it is known for the native amphibians that reside along the railway. Also, it is mostly flat paving and gravel, making it wheelchair accessible. Additionally, it is completely shaded and has wide paths, making it perfect for larger walking groups. 

Have Any Walking Trail Recommendations?

The Mansions at Sandy Springs staff enjoys planning exciting outings for their retirement community. Do you have a walking or hiking trail in mind that seniors would enjoy? Click here to send our local senior independent living community a message to let them know.