As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain or improve your physical activity. However, it’s also important to note that being an active senior doesn’t always mean boring workouts at the gym. With how many different activities are available around The Mansions at Sandy Springs Senior Independent Living, you’re bound to find an exercise you love that doesn’t feel tedious. In fact, staying active can be quite fun! Here are some activities we recommend trying.

Active Senior Living Activities in Sandy Springs, GA


“Hiking” doesn’t always mean vigorous physical activity. Hiking can be very light walking on easy, paved walkways to steeply inclined routes. There is a large range of difficulty ratings. Luckily, close to our retirement community in Georgia, there are plenty of hiking trails available to you. A lot of them even have rest-stops or parks along the way to take a break or have a snack. This is the perfect exercise for seniors looking to spend some time in the outdoors with friends.

Travel and Take a Tour

The Cherokee Recreation Center has a Silver Roamers Club, which is for active adults 50+ years. The club meets once a month to discuss upcoming trips, which typically include two monthly day trips, two to three annual overnight trips, free luncheons and opportunities to make friends with other older adults. Types of trips include going to attractions in Georgia and the surrounding states. The group has traveled over 45,000 miles since the start of the club – that’s a lot of miles to meet new friends and experience your local community.

Dancing the Night Away

You can dance if you want to – and there’s plenty of places to do it. In Sandy Springs, the Kennesaw Square Dancers host square dancing classes on the first and third Friday of every month. The schedule can change based on holidays, so be sure to check out their website to see when they’re visiting the Ben Robertson Community Center next!

Alternatively, if square dancing isn’t your favorite style, the Stardust Ballroom Dance Club hosts monthly dance parties on the first  Friday or Saturday of every month. The parties all have a different and fun theme so you and your guests can dress up to match it. Prior to the start of the party, take a short dance lesson, which is designed  for both beginner and intermediate dancers, so you can learn the steps before getting out on the dance floor.

Participate in Sporting Events

Looking for more team activities? There are a variety of different sports in the area, including:


Several times a week, Mansions Senior Living hosts free exercise and jazzercise classes for residents. Exercises vary from yoga, Zumba, sitting aerobics, Tai Chi, dancing, and more! They’re all hosted by FOX Optimal Living.

Join Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers has online classes with a variety of different workouts for older adults looking to start or maintain an active lifestyle. If you’d prefer an in-person experience, plenty of gyms in Sandy Springs are participating members. Some insurance companies even pay for the membership fees at accredited gyms!

How Else Can Seniors Stay Active?

Want to know more about how seniors can stay active at the Mansions Senior Living retirement communities? Send us a message here to learn more.

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