The Mansions at Alpharetta Senior Independent Living in Alpharetta, Georgia

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Every time a potential resident walks into our community, it’s the same thing – an eager look around, exploring our community, and then finally the declaration of, “I like this!” And at The Mansions at Alpharetta, there’s a lot to like! Our active senior living community has everything that you could want or need to enjoy, from on-site amenities to daily activities—all included at one price. 

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Minutes from Avalon, our senior independent living community is conveniently located near restaurants, medical offices, attractions, and more. With a beautiful campus and modern spaces, The Mansions at Alpharetta Senior Independent Living creates an atmosphere you’ll love to be part of!

Why Our Residents & Family Members Love The Mansions

Beautiful community and very clean. I participated in an activity and had lunch with my love one. This is a very nice senior living community. Update: A big thank you for keeping our family members safe during this crisis. The employees are going above and beyond the call of duty and we really appreciate the hard work.
Tim Greene
July 2, 2020
I had the pleasure to spend a long holiday weekend with my love one at The Mansions. I wanted the experience and I must say it was a great experience. From waking in to a very clean and friendly lobby until I left, I felt the employees really care about the residents. I even participated in a couple of activities and enjoyed the meals in the dining room. My family and I are very pleased with The Mansions.
John Johnson
February 4, 2020
I was invited by a current resident and attended their anniversary party in October. I was pleasantly surprised that they had valet parking for the event. I walked in the lobby and it was beautifully decorated and had a variety of games for the event. They served a terrific dinner. After dinner we listened to the entertainer while playing games. The staff and residents were very friendly and we had a fantastic time. Although I'm still working full time and not ready to move but when that day comes I will definitely move to The Mansions.
Joan Dupree
November 7, 2019
My Favorite person in the world lives here, and I am glad she is very happy there at the Mansions. Place is very clean, staff friendly and very helpful to their residents.
Pamela Gilbert
September 1, 2019
Love how they include family; grandchildren, like they did on Easter. They really perk my grandparents up. 🙂
Laura Purcell
April 12, 2018
My grandmother stays here and it's a great place.
Dan C
October 9, 2018
Such a welcoming environment with great staff and amazing hospitality!
Vaishu Adi
April 1, 2018
Non-emergency driver used to go there pretty often... Resident's spoke highly of the place. Staff was always friendly.
January 20, 2020
Staff is great
Carl Braasch
November 14, 2019
A nice place with nice people
Michael Rhyne
February 25, 2019
Beautiful place
Mrs. Whitneyrenee Williams
November 9, 2018

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