Why Senior Living Communities Can Make You Healthier

Living alone – and being lonely – can have negative affects on your health. In fact, according to recent studies, there is evidence that depression can shorten your lifespan, which people with fewer social connections tend to suffer from. This is why it’s important to always ensure that you have healthy connections and activities to do, especially as you age.

While there are allures to staying in your own home, there are many benefits to moving to a retirement community, including that it can make healthier!

More Opportunities for Social Connections

As mentioned, depression can lead to all sorts of health issues, and people who live alone tend to suffer from it. In a senior living community, however, you’ll have a wide variety of opportunities of meeting and connecting with new people.

These communities also have tons of activities for their residents. These can keep your mind stimulated as you interact with others. Regular connections with others can improve both brain health and lower your risk for developing dementia.

Better Access to Help – and Healthcare – When You Need It

If you hurt yourself while at home, you may be alone. You may not be able to drive yourself to the hospital and have to wait for the ambulance. This delays your needed care.

If you live in a retirement community, however, there are plenty of healthcare options that are available to you – many 24/7 depending on the type of facility you or your loved ones move into. Independent senior living communities often have wellness centers on-site that are staffed with nurses or nurse practitioners. If you have a cold or just aren’t feeling well, you can simply walk to the center located within the community.

Opportunities for Physical Activity

Regular exercise not only strengthens the body. It also is good for mental health. Retirement communities often have fitness centers on-site, allowing seniors to take advantage of workout classes, pools, yoga, and more.

Regular exercise can lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and even improve your sleep.

Another benefit of senior living communities is that they’re designed to be pedestrian friendly. This provides more opportunities for going for a walk by yourself or with a group. Walking is a great cardio exercise.

Better-Quality Food

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to slave over the stove cooking healthy meals. With retirement communities, however, you’ll get three regular healthy meals every day. And if you have special dietary restrictions, those will even be accommodated.

And these aren’t going to be those barely edible “healthy meals” that we’ve all gotten in the past. These are usually chef-prepared, and they’re often overseen by dietitians to ensure that they’re healthy for all residents.

Brain Stimulating Activities

Keeping your brain stimulated is just as important as taking care of your physical body. It’s been proven that picking up a new hobby can help you stay sharp throughout your lifetime. Inclusive senior living communities will offer different types of classes, workshops, or even talks for their residents.

Many also have comprehensive libraries. Reading is a great way to not only explore new worlds, but also keep your brain sharp.

Reduced Stress

Seniors who live alone tend to be more stressed out than their counterparts who live in retirement communities. Even if they hire a housekeeper, they still need to coordinate the running of their household as well as ensure that monthly bills are paid.

When you move into a senior living community, you’ll be giving up all responsibility for these types of chores. These communities will have an all-inclusive price, covering everything from utilities to meals to transportation. Housekeeping will also be included – no more need to try to clean or have someone clean for you.

More Secure Living Areas

Standard homes are wrought with dangers for seniors. From falling down the stairs to slipping in the bathroom, these are all potential hazards. Senior living communities, however, are designed to be safe for seniors.

Typically, all rooms include good lighting, grab bars in the bathrooms, and elevators in the hallways. They’ll also have emergency call systems in case something does happen, meaning that someone will respond to a resident who is in distress.

Mansions – Redefining Retirement

Mansions Independent Senior Living has four active communities: two in Oklahoma City and two in the Atlanta area. We believe in providing you with luxury living at an affordable cost. By choosing to stay in one of our retirement communities, you’ll have access to the best food as well as top-quality activities, including exercise classes, an arts and craft room, a wellness center, and so much more!

Our experienced and caring staff will help you with everything that you need – from housekeeping to transportation to recommendations on things to do. Schedule a free tour today, or download our brochure to learn more!

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