Resident Profile: Meet John & Molly

It can be tough selecting an independent senior living community. Like churches, it often seems like there’s one on every corner, each with their own pros and cons.  That’s why it’s our goal at The Mansions to ensure that our communities are a right fit for you – we want to make your decision to move to a Mansions Senior Living community easy, effortless, and “pain-free.”

We’d like to introduce you to a couple who have been living at The Mansions at Sandy Springs for six years, John and Molly Titus. These long-term residents are a staple of our Sandy Springs community and willing to share their Mansions’ experience.

Meet John and Molly

The decision to move independent senior living community was fairly easy because both John and Molly had tired of taking care of a home and all the responsibilities of daily living.

“We didn’t care about taking care of a house anymore. I used to do all the yard work and didn’t want to do it anymore,” said John. “And I’ve never been fond of cooking,” interjected Molly.

John continued. “When we were thinking about selling house and moving into independent living, we looked at twenty places in two years. We looked at the location, amenities, and finally, you have to look at cost. What we found after all that, after visiting places at all over Atlanta, we thought we got best value for the money at The Mansions.”

Why They Choose The Mansions

After searching for a long time, John and Molly saw an ad in the newspaper touting the benefits of living at The Mansions. On impulse, they drove over one a Sunday afternoon and met with executive director, Debbie Brennan, who showed them every nook and corner of the community. It didn’t take long until they realized they loved the place!

“Sandy Springs is only 15 miles from where we lived in Stone Mountain. It was in a great area and in a very nice location. It’s adjacent to nice restaurants and good shopping. And lots of nearby parks,” said Molly.  The latter was very important to the couple since they enjoy walking so much.

“Got to stay active!”, said John.

John and Molly also liked the fact that the rooms are spacious with a washer and dryer in the unit. (They reside in a two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath unit.) They have a balcony – a must for Molly who enjoys outdoor space. Both report how happy with the layout and functionality of their apartment home.

Why They Continue to Live at The Mansions

“We like most everything about the community.”

The couple like the wide range of diverse activities, including outings with fellow residents. They like the fact that they can go out and walk in nearby parks, attend lectures from residents who are specialists in their fields, and enjoy playing games like trivia and other contests the community hosts.

Molly has enjoyed the knitting and crochet groups. She’s especially enjoyed the Christmas card classes and has displayed her artwork in the local art show.

The couple has also participated in cruise week and Christmas events like the tree lighting and singing carols. “There are just lots of activities here,” said XXXX.

Here’s Why They Think You Should Consider Living at Sandy Springs

John says, “There’s a lot of good reasons to live in a Mansions, but the top reason is the staff. Staff here is outstanding. Good attitudes. Willingness to serve. All kinds of energy. Big hearts – you have to have the heart for the work.”

They both also credit Debbie Brennan for her outstanding leadership and setting the example for the others.

Outside of activities and staff, they also noted the high quality of meals. “The Mansions recently hired a new chef that is excellent and attentive to the needs of the residents,” said Molly.

The couple would encourage anyone to come take a look at the community. According to John, “It’s a good place to live. The community is very welcoming. It’s easy to make friends here.”

Said Molly, “We’ve been here almost six years, and we’re looking forward to six more – plus!”

Interested in a Mansions Property?

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