Meet Katie – The Mansions at Decatur Resident

Each month, we’re going to highlight one of our great residents at The Mansions. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Katie Johnson, a resident of The Mansions at Decatur.

When we spoke to Katie in early February, she mentioned that she had been living at the Decatur location for a couple of months, and she’s loving her new home. Katie lives in a two bedroom, one and half bath apartment, which is the perfect size for her needs.

“It works out great for me because I’m single. It’s large. In fact, I lived in a house that was 50 years old, and my bedroom here is larger than the one at my house.”

Why She Chose a Senior Living Community

Katie realized that she needed to make the move to a senior living community when she started having problems with her knees and began having difficulty getting around. “I was unsteady with my balance,” said Katie.

Since moving to The Mansions, she’s begun to take full advantage of the wide variety of included amenities, including the FOX Optimal Living Wellness Program. “A therapist that comes to your apartment to administer therapy and it’s helped me regain strength and balance – it’s an unexpected bonus that makes a whole lot of difference for me,” said Katie.

Reasons for Choosing The Mansions

Her quest for the perfect senior living community began with research. Katie noted, “We did a lot of looking online. My eldest daughter came with me to look at this community. It was so strange the feeling that came over me when I walked in the front door.”

When she stepped into The Mansions, Katie said she immediately felt at peace – and at home.

Shortly after entering the building for the first time, both Katie and her daughter came upon a group of employees leaving a meeting. They were laughing and cheerful – and that fun attitude made quite an impression on her – if the employees were having fun, she would, too!

Why She Loves The Mansions

There are many reasons why Katie enjoys living at The Mansions, but one of the major things that has struck her is the diversity of the community. Many are former professionals – several of her fellow residents are retired schoolteachers and even nurse that worked at DeKalb General for more than 30 years. There are also homemakers and mothers who never worked out of the home. Even with their diverse backgrounds, Katie reports that all the residents get on quite well and has made some very good friends in the short time that she’s been living here.

“The people are very happy.”

The other items that have impressed Katie? She appreciates the fact that the community was extremely beautiful and well-maintained. “I always took good care of my home and I like that my new home is maintained, too.”

Katie also really enjoys the different types of activities that are available to residents, including Zumba classes, continuing education courses, and concerts. In the short amount. of time she’s been living at The Mansions, she’s already attended five concerts. Her next goal is to start taking part in volleyball.

“Anything that you want to do, there’s something to enjoy,” said Katie.

What Would You Like a Potential Resident Know About This Place?

Katie notes that you can be as secluded or as interactive as you want to be. If you want some time to yourself, you can have it, or “you can be the busiest person on the block.”

She’d also like potential residents to know that each apartment is a little different. For example, her apartment has a little outside balcony with a wooden floor while others – on the first floor – have a walkout patio. All are big enough for container pot gardening and lawn furniture.

Katie has already put out two chairs and a table on her deck, and she can’t wait until spring when she can have a cup of coffee on the deck in the morning!

About The Mansions at Decatur

The Mansions at Decatur Senior Independent Living combines luxury living with superb services, an ideal environment for those 55+ looking to lead a worry-free lifestyle. We are located a short drive from Atlanta. Schedule a tour today!

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