Restaurant Senior Citizen Discounts in Oklahoma City

With advances in medical care, better nutrition and generally higher standards of living, more people are living longer.

So why not enjoy the time that you have?

Rather than slaving over a hot stove, you can go out and wine & dine. But after retirement, not many people have the budget to get out and enjoy life.  There are many myths about social life declining as you climb the age ladder but we don’t have to fall into that rabbit hole.

Someone who is retired has plenty of time to go out and enjoy themselves without putting a dent in their pocketbook.

From American to international food OKC has some yummy local options to save a few bucks:

French New Orleans Cuisine

Mimi's Cafe Oklahoma City

Mimi’s Cafe

Step into France.  This French bistro was voted one of the best breakfast spots in town. Mimi’s is known for more than just breakfast, they serve breakfast- dinner offering many varieties of quiche, cordon blu, wine ,famous French desserts and many more. Walk in their door and experience the flavors of French cuisine.

Discount: 10% off and a four pack of muffins


Pizza and go carts at Gatti Town OKC  

Gatti Town

Maybe your grand kids and family are in for a visit? From an all you can eat buffet to a game room, this interactive restaurant is a budget friendly way to have a blast.

Discount: $4.99 buffet specials and on Monday you get a free drink

Sweets and Eats

Food and pies at Pioneer Pies in OKC

Pioneer Pies

When you have a sweet tooth or are craving some yummy American flavors, this restaurant is a great pick. It’s been open since 1982 and serves different arrays of onsite made food and pies.

Discount: 10% off or fifty cents off breakfast on Fridays


There are also many other resources for active adults who want to take advantage of the restaurant senior citizen discounts in Oklahoma City one valuable resource is This site lists not only local restaurants but many other discounts that are available for seniors.

Staying active can reduce your risk for memory loss.The older a person gets it seems the more there is to remember and the more valuable that your memories become.

So if staying active is good for your health why not get out and about more?

Over the next few months we will be helping to provide you with some ideas of ways to continue to do the things you love and stay active in & around your communities.