Fall Prevention

Did you know that falling is NOT a normal part of aging? Falling does not have to be part of your aging process. Please continue to read to learn a few pointers on how to prevent falls and what to do if you experience them. Most falls (80%) occur indoors in your own environment during usual daily activities. Experiencing a... Read More

Surgery can cause cognitive losses in some seniors

Click here for an informative article we thought we'd share with you. Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction is a very common but previously unknown issue that affects many seniors over the age of 60 - something that we must be aware of as we, or loved ones, have surgery. Grateful to the Washington Post for this very illuminating article - a must read!

FOX Optimal Living at our Georgia Mansions

The Mansions and FOX Rehabilitation have partnered together to offer an innovative and proactive program called FOX Optimal Living (FOL). This program provides all residents living at Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and Decatur locations on-site wellness assessments and classes, as well as therapy services. This is a proactive approach to prevent injury and promote wellness for optimal quality of life for... Read More

A great article on senior living from the Decatur Champion

We recently had a visit from our friends from the Decatur Champion, which resulted in this outstanding article about The Mansions at Decatur and some inspired observations about senior living as a whole. Great reading if you are considering a move to a Mansions community. Thank you Decatur Champion for sharing the good news about The Mansions! Read the article: ... Read More

Assessing Memory Problems

Melva Noakes is a rare treasure. A certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and a member of the National Council Dementia Practitioners and the International Council Dementia Practitioners, Melva works in our marketing group here at The Mansions. She tirelessly and compassionately shares her almost unlimited knowledge about the challenges of aging and dementia with families, caregivers and the... Read More

AARP Releases Paper on Employment Discrimination and Caregivers

It's an amazing statistic - over 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months. Out of those 34 million caregivers, over 56% work full-time, 16 % work between 30 and 39 hours, and 25% work fewer than 30 hours a week. That many caregivers in the workplace has really... Read More

Want to work for the best in the industry?

The Mansions is looking for qualified people who are interested in working with seniors in an enjoyable and nurturing environment.  A variety of openings are available from housekeeping to assistance in our future personal care and memory support communities.  If you are hardworking and interested in working for an industry leader who is continually committed to the health and well-being... Read More

Mansions’ Chef James’ Top-rated Dishes

After years of grocery shopping and cooking meals for your family, leaving the meal prep to someone else is a welcomed perk of living at The Mansions. We are lucky to have a talented chef on staff whose recipes our residents love. Menu Considerations from Chef James Chef James attributes much of the success of the food variety on his... Read More

Sandy Springs:
Senior Active Living Guide

As you age, it’s easy to come up with excuses that can keep you from of being physically active. Whether you love working out for fun, or it has become necessary for your wellbeing, you can use these local spots to help you achieve your fitness goals. Hit the Trails The Johnson Park Recreation Center, which is less than an... Read More

Celebrating Our First Year: The Mansions at Sandy Springs

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since we opened our doors. With all of the events, parties and activities we have done as a family, it really made time fly. In our community there is never a dull moment. We have had a blast over the past year and we’ve created this online scrapbook noting the... Read More