Celebrating Our First Year: The Mansions at Sandy Springs

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since we opened our doors. With all of the events, parties and activities we have done as a family, it really made time fly. In our community there is never a dull moment. We have had a blast over the past year and we’ve created this online scrapbook noting the... Read More

Decorating Your Apartment: Top 10 Tips

When you are planning on moving to a new apartment, use the above list Decorating your Apartment: Top 10 Tips. It will help you to determine how to make the most of your space and to plan how you will add a personal touch to your apartment. When you move, you'll bring items with you that are dear to your heart but you... Read More

The Cost of Senior Living in Alpharetta, Georgia

Shortly after retirement, many are faced with making the decision to stay in their homes or move to an apartment. Chances are you will ask yourself these questions What is best for my pocketbook? What is best for my family? and How do I be sure I make the right decision? These are all valid questions. If you think about... Read More

Using Antiques to Decorate Your Apartment

One of the enjoyable tasks of moving is deciding how you will decorate your new place. When you move in and look at the walls and the environment surrounds you, it's like a canvas for an artist who is ready to add a personal touch with their brush. Of course, you have your own decorations to bring to your new... Read More

Restaurant Senior Citizen Discounts in Oklahoma City

With advances in medical care, better nutrition and generally higher standards of living, more people are living longer. So why not enjoy the time that you have? Rather than slaving over a hot stove, you can go out and wine & dine. But after retirement, not many people have the budget to get out and enjoy life.  There are many... Read More

Resident Spotlight: Interview with Veteran Don Griffin

Donald Griffin, now a resident at Mansions Senior Living in Sandy Springs, enlisted in the US Navy at 17 years of age in Clearwater, Florida and his journeys have sent him all over the world including the barracks of Pearl Harbor. In his professional career, he worked for General Dynamics where he was a part of building a missile for... Read More

Seniors & Caregivers: 10 Ways to Prepare for Cold Weather

The leaves may still be golden, but the cold weather is right around the corner. Before it starts getting even chillier outside, here are 10 important steps to help seniors and caregivers prepare for snow and ice, and stay safe and warm all winter. Cold air can make anyone's skin sore and dry, but this is especially true for seniors.... Read More