Mansions’ Chef James’ Top-rated Dishes

After years of grocery shopping and cooking meals for your family, leaving the meal prep to someone else is a welcomed perk of living at The Mansions. We are lucky to have a talented chef on staff whose recipes our residents love.

Menu Considerations from Chef James

Mansions Chef James quote

Chef James attributes much of the success of the food variety on his menus to the residents.

“I like serving the residents here at The Mansions at Sandy Springs. It’s neat to me that many of the residents want to participate in my menu planning. I take their recommendations and incorporate them into my menus as much as I’m able. Many of the residents have a great knowledge of foods, and are great cooks on their own; so to have their suggestions is invaluable to me.

There are actually a few of them who have been in the food service business themselves. And there are others who have traveled to many places; due to this, they bring me many colorful suggestions. I enjoy the challenges that come with tailoring my menus to fit the residents’ appetites.

They all feel comfortable talking to me about their likes and dislikes. I love giving them the kind of service they expect.” – Chef James, Mansions at Sandy Springs, Georgia

Recently, we surveyed residents to find out the top five tastiest dishes made by Chef James and the history behind them. They rated them on a 1 to 5 scale and all of these dishes received a 5 rating by 25 or more residents. As Chef James said, the menu changes frequently, but this will give you a sample of yummy offerings prepared by Sandy Springs’ very own.  Bon appètit!

Spare Ribs

Nobody can resist great southern ribs smothered in BBQ sauce and falling off the bone. How did this delectable dish get its name?  The term actually comes from the German word Rippenspeer, which translates to “spear ribs,” as this cut was traditionally roasted on a spit or spear thousands of years ago. When later translated to English, it became ribspare, and eventually the spare ribs we know and love as a Southern staple.

spare ribs

Taco Salad

A brilliant fusion of salad and the traditional Mexican taco, this dish is a delicious way to work protein and iron into your diet. Taco Salad originated as a Tex-Mex concoction during the 20th century. If you’re craving Mexican food but want to go a healthier route, give Chef James’ Taco Salad a try.

taco salad

Homemade Soups

It doesn’t have to be frigid outside for you to enjoy some hearty soup. Soup comes from the Germanic family of words “supper”, “sup” and “sop,” originally meaning “to consume something liquid.” When this word reached France, broth was a commonly-consumed liquid and was added to the word’s context. When the English started using this word in the 11th century, they eventually changed its pronunciation to “soup” by combining its Germanic and French roots.  Classic French cuisine generated many of the soups we know today.


Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake dates back to the 19th century and is a Victorian classic that melts in your mouth with every bite. The flavor has become so popular over the years that it has found its way into everything from Red Velvet puppy chow, to Red Velvet pancakes and even in fried chicken rolled in Red Velvet cupcake crumbs. Red Velvet cake was originally made with vanilla cake and red colored sugar, but today, many make it with red food coloring and chocolate cake for a smooth texture and irresistible flavor.

red velvet cake

Dump Cake

With an endless variety of flavor combinations, the name “dump cake” is pretty literal: all of its ingredients start out dumped together in a bowl. It’s difficult to pinpoint the history of this dessert, but the first cakes originated in 13th century Europe. The cakes of the Middle Ages looked much different than the cakes we know today, as they were simply made with bread, honey and nuts. Starting in the 17th century, our modern cake was born and has been pleasing taste buds ever since.

dump cake

Chef James and The Mansions take pride in serving our residents high quality and delicious meals. We’re sure our chef has plenty more tricks up his sleeves for future recipes. To find out what’s on the menu, check out our community page on our website or stop by and ask.