Celebrating Our First Year: The Mansions at Sandy Springs

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since we opened our doors. With all of the events, parties and activities we have done as a family, it really made time fly.

In our community there is never a dull moment. We have had a blast over the past year and we’ve created this online scrapbook noting the best moments from our celebrations.  From carousing at happy hour, to seeing Officer Mike bring in his police dog — the events are unforgettable.

Let’s look back on our favorite moments:

Parties and Celebrations

Parties at Sandy Springs Mansions

Who could forget dressing up our pets for the pet parade? Or when we decorated for Christmas?  We loved toasting in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and trotting through the halls showing off our hat flair at the hat parade.


Women playing scrabble and wheel of fortune

Drum roll please! We’re sure you are reminiscing on all the times you won your favorite board or card game this year. We’ve played everything from Scrabble to Pinoche to Bingo – we even played balloon volleyball.


Sing a long and performance by Dr. Pat and the Rat Pack

We came together around the piano in perfect harmony for our sing alongs. Who could forget our hearts melting when Dr. Pat and the Rat Pack performed for us? It was such a great time.


Playing golf and going out to eat

It was wonderful to grab a bite at community restaurants like the 57th Fighter Group. Some outings also included listening to the 150 person choir, playing golf together and watching plays.


Plate of cookies and table filled with cheese dips

From decorating sombrero cookies, to trying the many homemade cheese dips at our themed happy hours, we always find creative ways to consume our food. We would like to give a shout out to Chef James for all the amazing meals he made us!


People dancing at Mansions Sandy Springs

When we were listening to music, we couldn’t help but tap our feet and move along to the tunes. One of our favorite moments was when Ben and Pamela performed an Elvis song while we danced the night away.

Giving Back

delivering Easter bunnies and volunteering at a school

Everyone in our community has a big heart and loves serving others. It was great to bring a smile to other faces as we delivered Easter bunnies and when we met up with our pen pals at Peach Tree Elementary.


Walking at a Sandy Springs Park and doing some patio gardening

This year, we participated in many hobbies such as walking the trails of John Creek Environmental Center and patio gardening with our families.


women making crafts and painting

We really enjoyed painting masterpieces when the professional artist came to visit us. And of course, we loved making our weekly crafts that helped us to show off our creativity.

Year two and beyond in the making

anniversary cake and flower arrangementsfood line and sword fighting with batman
Face painting and making balloonsgirl getting her face painted and jumping in a moon bounce

This weekend we celebrated our one-year anniversary with a banquet and a family fun day. The flower arrangements our residents made for the party were beautiful. Saturday was a blast from balloon sword fighting to chowing down on hot dogs and hamburgers to having a surprise visit from Elsa who came to paint the children’s faces. It was also fun seeing the kids jumping around like crazy in the moon bounce.

We also have other exciting events coming up in the near future for Labor Day weekend. We are having an arts and crafts sale featuring the items our residents have made. Get out your Hawaiian lei because in September we will be having a luau. Later in September, we will also hear from a special guest speaker, whose topic will be Chinese dance and music. Keep an eye on our Facebook and our events calendar for exact dates.

Our Sandy Springs Mansions family is thankful for all of our residents and we are looking forward to coming together for more celebrations for many years to come.