Read These Fantastic FOX Success Stories

Fantastic FOX Success Stories . . . Balance and general body confidence are probably two of the biggest challenges seniors face today. Where's the curb? Can I get in and out of the shower without help? What will happen if I slip and fall? It turns out, exercise at any age is not only beneficial, but life saving. Phyllis at... Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Age Alone

An interesting video from the website on why you shouldn't age alone. We agree! Friends and adopted "family" here at Mansions can make the difference in your quality of life in your later years. Why not live the "sweet life" here at The Mansions?  

Take Control of Your Medication Routine

Take Control of Your Medication Routine As an occupational therapist, I’ve seen creative methods for organizing medications.  Everything from color coded Dixie cups, ice trays and rolled up socks! While these methods are resourceful, they can lead to serious medical complications. Here’s some tips on managing your medications. Simplify Your Medication Routine Use a Pill Box Organizer This is the... Read More

FOX – “FALL” a four letter word!

“FALL” a four letter word! Falling: Why does it matter? As we age, falls can become a serious threat to our health. In fact, research shows that repetitive falling places an older person at a higher risk of hospitalization, bone fracture, further disability and death.  Despite these statistics, there are considerable steps you can take to prevent this occurrence! Fortunately,... Read More

FOX – Are You Strong Enough?

ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? THE SLIPPERY SLOPE OF AGING The Slippery Slope of Aging graph depicts the effects of age-related changes in muscle strength related to level of vigor. Simply put, it states that the stronger a person is, the more able they are to fully participate in enjoyable activities. What is critical to understand is that while there is... Read More

Fall Prevention

Did you know that falling is NOT a normal part of aging? Falling does not have to be part of your aging process. Please continue to read to learn a few pointers on how to prevent falls and what to do if you experience them. Most falls (80%) occur indoors in your own environment during usual daily activities. Experiencing a... Read More

Surgery can cause cognitive losses in some seniors

Click here for an informative article we thought we'd share with you. Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction is a very common but previously unknown issue that affects many seniors over the age of 60 - something that we must be aware of as we, or loved ones, have surgery. Grateful to the Washington Post for this very illuminating article - a must read!

FOX Optimal Living at our Georgia Mansions

The Mansions and FOX Rehabilitation have partnered together to offer an innovative and proactive program called FOX Optimal Living (FOL). This program provides all residents living at Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and Decatur locations on-site wellness assessments and classes, as well as therapy services. This is a proactive approach to prevent injury and promote wellness for optimal quality of life for... Read More

A great article on senior living from the Decatur Champion

We recently had a visit from our friends from the Decatur Champion, which resulted in this outstanding article about The Mansions at Decatur and some inspired observations about senior living as a whole. Great reading if you are considering a move to a Mansions community. Thank you Decatur Champion for sharing the good news about The Mansions! Read the article: ... Read More