Ways to Stay Active & Healthy

As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain or improve your physical activity. However, it’s also important to note that being an active senior doesn’t always mean boring workouts at the gym. With how many different activities are available around The Mansions at Sandy Springs Senior Independent Living, you’re bound to find an exercise you love that doesn’t... Read More

Decorating Senior Apartments

Sometimes, when it’s time to move into a retirement community or new home, downsizing is needed. While tedious and time-consuming, it can reduce your moving costs as well as eliminate anything that you don’t want to bring with you. How Much Downsizing Is Needed? Depending on your new space, you might have enough room for everything that you currently own.... Read More
Two people eating at a sestaurant with senior discounts in Oklahoma

20 Restaurants with Senior Discounts in Oklahoma 2021

Nestled in prime locations in Oklahoma City, Hefner and Southwest Mansions Senior Independent Living are surrounded by numerous restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. Many of the locations offer senior discounts for older adults looking to save a few dollars or nab a free drink. Every senior dining restaurant is within a short drive of the retirement communities. (more…)
senior couple walking together on a scenic hiking trail

Best Scenic Hiking Trails for Seniors in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Do not be intimidated by the term “hiking trails.” In fact, there are many different levels available to seniors and range from easy, paved paths to rigorous, steep inclines. With so many scenic areas in Sandy Springs, Georgia, you are bound to find the perfect exercise route for you. Mansions Senior Living has compiled a detailed list of the best... Read More
Stores Selling Antiques for Home Decor

Best Stores in Georgia Selling Antiques for Home Décor 2021

There are many wonderful shops (online and retail) here in Atlanta! Our list includes some of the better-known shops in our area. With this comprehensive list, you are bound to find the perfect pieces to add to your antique home décor. (more…)

Tips for Downsizing & Decorating Senior Apartments

Sometimes, when it comes to moving into a retirement community or new home, downsizing is needed. Although it sounds like a terrible and tedious task, it opens new opportunities for room organization, color schemes, and stylish room décor. A lot of times, if there’s enough storage space, downsizing can be kept minimal. (more…)
Senior man blowing his nose into a tissue paper because of lack of preparation for the cold weather

10 Cold Weather Health and Safety Tips for Seniors

Cold weather puts seniors and elderly at risk of detrimental health effects. It is important to stay educated and prepared for winter. Even if there are no foreseeable storms, it is recommended to have all these things on hand and ready for use. (more…)
Senior Couple Enjoying The Summer

10 Hot Weather Health & Safety Tips for Seniors

The summer season is the time for fun in the sun and hot weather. It’s fine to enjoy the outdoors. However, it’s also important to stay wary and protected against the dangers related to heat exhaustion, heat fatigue, and sunstroke. (more…)

How to Increase Mental Health & Acuity With Senior Activities

“We don’t do crafts with pom-poms and popsicle sticks.”-Aimee Minton, Activity Director Activity Director, Aimee Minton with The Mansions at Sandy Springs shares her ideas on keeping residents invigorated and involved with senior activities. Also includes insights about how to plan, encourage, and have a positive experience. (more…)