Pauline Hodges

 “There are many positive reasons for living at Hefner Mansions. [My family and I] spent four years visiting sites for independent living for seniors, and I kept returning to Hefner to visit one more time before finally making up my mind and moving in. It was a perfect choice for the following reasons:

It is a safe and secure place where the management and employees care about the residents.

It is all on the ground floor with outside doors into the courtyards or parking lot, as well as secure inside hallways with outside doors that are locked at all times.

The employees here are well-trained, honest, and caring. I have never requested any help or favors that weren’t fulfilled quickly and with a smile, whether it be from a housekeeper, cafeteria servers, or other employees.

I am especially impressed with the personnel at the front desk. They are always there with a smile and advice or problem-solving. Sharita Leary is one of the reasons I chose this location over all others: She answered all my phone calls and inquiries with accurate information and her cheery voice, as well as with infinite patience while I researched other places. Our manager Stacy works hard to get any problems with the building fixed quickly and competently. And our chief maintenance person, Kenneth, is, as teenagers would say, “awesome” in his patience and attention to our needs.

One of the most outstanding things about Hefner Mansions is Debbie, our Activities Director. She has activities going on all the time, and they are creative and appropriate for the age of the residents here. There is no time to be bored if we tenants take advantage of all that is offered, and the events vary from music by good artists to varied card and [board] games; programs such as… a Memoir Writing Class, exercise classes or special interview programs with and for the residents.

Two of the special opportunities we have, especially for those who do not drive anymore, are church services by our own resident pastor Fred and for Bible study by Pastor Born, as well as neighborhood churches that bring services here to the building.

Finally, the opportunity to eat three meals a day here is especially valuable. This provides nutritious food that we do not have to prepare, but it also provides table companions and talks during the meals, which is delightful.”

– V. Pauline Hodges

( Resident )