the mansions at sandy springs

Our Community

A community where every individual thrives in their own way.

At the heart of everything that makes The Mansions at Sandy Springs so appealing are three cornerstone ideas: joy, meaning and independence. When we deliver those three things, something amazing happens: they thrive.

We and your family member or friend achieve those things because our support is always customized, always compassionate and always full of energy. From there, our services and amenities — like anytime dining — make it effortless for every person who lives here to live on their own terms with their own ambitions, and with their own definition of elegance and comfort.

At the center of our success is our proprietary and holistic Salus™ wellness program. Latin for “well-being,” Salus™ focuses on the four dimensions of wellness — physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual — and offers personalized support and care 24-hours a day. Likewise, our safe and ultra-supportive Valeo™ memory care neighborhood is powered by programs and support specifically tailored to each person’s individual needs and personal history.

Assisted Living

Assisted living works best when we meet each individual exactly where they are. That remarkably simple — and surprisingly rare — idea is a big reason why The Mansions at Sandy Springs is such an attractive community. But that’s only half the story. Our larger goal is for every person at The Mansions to live the fullest life they can. And because we work harder to uncover and lift up every side of every person — their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual sides — we give ourselves, and each resident, the best chance to thrive.

The Mansions Senior Living

VALEO™ Memory Care

The most profound and effective memory care begins when we truly know every individual who lives here. But we don’t stop at simply knowing each resident better than other communities. In our Valeo™ memory care neighborhood, we use that invaluable knowledge to open the door on a more expansive and engaging life. Then we make the experience even more satisfying by treating your family member or friend with the patience, empathy and intuition necessary to make his or her support the most engaging possible.

VALEO™ Signature Programs

Our customized approach begins by immersing ourselves in the history, preferences and individuality of every resident. Then we weave what we’ve learned into our engaging daily programs that enhance each resident’s comfort, open up opportunities for creativity and bring more moments of joy and pleasure into each day.

Wellness Philosophy

There are so many ways to truly know and understand a person. We employ a holistic approach to seeing the full picture of each person who lives here – the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual side. By seeing all sides of every person, we empower each individual to have the most rewarding possible experience.


In the right hands, therapy can help accelerate recovery, increase strength and help individuals feel like themselves again. We’ve chosen to partner with FOX Optimal Living, which provides high-level physical, occupational and speech therapy … with a clinic right in our community.