the mansions at gwinnett park

Our Community

A community built on joy, independence and meaning.

Everything that makes The Mansions at Gwinnett Park so special is built on three foundational ideas: joy, meaning and independence. They all add up to a single measure of success: to make sure that every person who lives here, thrives here. Our success is built on support that’s always customized, always caring and always full of vitality. From there, it extends to services and amenities — like anytime dining — that empower every person who lives here to live on their own terms with their own goals and with their own idea of luxury and comfort.

At the core of everything that happens at the Mansions is our proprietary and holistic Salus™ wellness program. Latin for “health and well-being,” Salus focuses on the four dimensions of wellness physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual and offers personalized support and care 24 hours a day. Our secure Valeo™ memory care neighborhood offers programs and care specifically tailored to those with memory care needs.

Assisted Living

Assisted living begins when we meet each individual where they are, and then provide them the support that meets their particular needs while respecting all the things they can do independently. But that’s only half of it. Here at The Mansions our goals are more ambitious. We want every person who lives here to do nothing less than everything they want to do. And because we work hard to see every side of every person – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – we give ourselves and your family member, every chance to thrive.

The Mansions Senior Living

VALEO™ Memory Care

At the heart of truly compassionate and inspiring memory care is a desire to really know every person in the most significant ways possible. In our Valeo memory care neighborhood, your family member will be inspired because we immerse ourselves in his or her past to gain a complete picture of who they are. Then we’ll bring the patience, empathy and intuition necessary to make his or her care the most engaging possible.

VALEO™ Signature Programs

Our personalized approach begins by honoring the legacy, lifestyle and individuality of every resident. Then we take what we’ve learned and weave it into our powerful daily programs that enhance your family member’s comfort, we create opportunities for engagement and bring more moments of joy and pleasure into each day.

Wellness Philosophy

Everything we do is built on the holistic idea of getting a complete picture of each resident the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual side. By seeing the whole person, we help each individual have the richest possible experience.


Even if your family member never requires our therapy services, it’s still a comfort to know they’re available. We’ve partnered with NEXT Therapy Solutions, which provides high-level physical, occupational and speech therapy … with a clinic right in our community.