Read These Fantastic FOX Success Stories

Fantastic FOX Success Stories . . .

Balance and general body confidence are probably two of the biggest challenges seniors face today. Where’s the curb? Can I get in and out of the shower without help? What will happen if I slip and fall?

It turns out, exercise at any age is not only beneficial, but life saving. Phyllis at Sandy Springs is a great example. 88 years old, she was experiencing numbness in her hands. With the help of FOX’s Optimal Living Wellness Program, she’s eating healthier, walking and now has lost the numbness in her hands and is stronger!
At The Mansions at Decatur, Geraldine (93) stopped therapy a year ago and had almost given up on walking. Since therapy with FOX, she can walk to the dining room with few problems. (See her picture and story below.)
Anna at Decatur started having back problems when she lifted a heavy bag of dog food – a routine choir that became a big problem. She got involved in FOX’s strengthening program and now she is pain free and able to walk her dog. (More on Anna in our pictures below.)

At The Mansions at Alpharetta, David can now get around without his walker! He can also stand on one foot. See his attached testimonial for more about how David’s life has changed. (Read his story below.)