Mansions Sandy Springs Bi-Weekly Win & FOX Carnival Fun

Our FOX Carnival was a hit! The residents really enjoyed all the games and activities. The games were not only fun, but they challenged the residents’ balance, hand-eye coordination and arm mobility. Games included a ring toss, balloon darts and knocking down the cans. We also had a special resident cartoonist, Jim McClean, on site for entertainment and live drawings.

The main event was residents getting to witness Erin and I getting a pie in face from the top two residents who attended the most exercise classes. Helen Jefferies came in 2nd place and Nelle Cline was 1st place! The pie tasted pretty good. See pics below.

This week’s weekly win features Mr. Paul Mathias.

Mr. Mathias regularly attends exercise classes. I can always count on seeing him in class. One of his biggest complaints is that he doesn’t have the same range of motion that he used to have with his shoulders. When he first started classes he was very limited with how much movement he did with lifting and raising his arms.

During classes, while we are doing different exercises such as overhead press or lateral raises. I noticed that Mr. Mathias was moving his arms and shoulders more and more. I was happy for him, but wanted to wait until he noticed and said something.

After Lifting for Fun, he joyfully told me he was so happy to be able to have the flexibility and strength to move his arms more. He also told his children this.

Everyone in class clapped for him and you can tell his day was made.