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Rendever, Virtual Reality for Seniors

January 13, 2023

rendever virtual reality for seniors

Connect, Explore, Travel, and Learn!
Experience Virtual Reality Here at The Mansions

Virtual reality, or simply — VR, may seem like something only George Jetson and his space-age family living in the year 2062 could possibly have, but it’s only 2023 and virtual reality is here for all to enjoy! But what exactly IS virtual reality? Up until now, you may have thought it was just a cool new gaming platform for your kids or grandkids to slay dragons with or kill scores of bacteria-infected zombies and save the ‘virtual’ world for all of humanity! Virtual reality, however, has advanced far beyond the more obvious gaming applications; virtual reality, today, is a vehicle for learning, traveling, connecting, and so much more.

What is Virtual Reality?

In the most basic definition, virtual reality is computer technology that creates a simulated ‘near reality’ or ‘virtual’ environment that can be explored in 360 degrees, but the real power of VR is that it places the viewer/user in the simulated environment. So, the experience is as if you are actually in that computer-generated world, with the feeling that you could reach out and touch everything around you. It’s a completely immersive experience that is exciting and getting more advanced every year as technology continues to increase at lightning speed in the 21st century.

We understand the world around us by utilizing our powerful senses of vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. As we now know through modern scientific study, we actually have many other senses beyond those five, such as proprioception, perhaps more commonly known as kinaesthesia. Sometimes referred to as the ‘sixth sense,’ kinaesthesia allows us to have an innate understanding of exactly where our fingers, arms, toes, muscles and other body parts are in space. For example, if you move your finger around in total darkness, your brain still understands exactly where it is located within the space around you. But the point is, all of our senses, including those six and more, inform us about the world in which we exist, and thus virtual reality environments play a sort of trick upon the mind.

The virtual reality gives our brain all the requisite data it needs to process and understand this world, and so we are ‘tricked’ into believing the world is real. So, while you may not be able to smell a freshly baked blueberry pie sitting on a countertop in the virtual reality world you are immersed in, you can certainly see it right in front of your hands, as you watch the steam rise from it, and the experience will likely be so real that your brain may release neurotransmitters that let the glands know that it’s time to produce saliva — so we can eat that delicious blueberry pie!

How it’s Done

Achieving the goal of giving the user a completely immersive virtual experience is done via the use of various equipment. While there are many potential add-ons that can further enhance a virtual reality experience, such as haptic feedback gloves that allow users to get the sense of actual touch, or olfactory processing devices that introduce smell to the user, the foundation of VR is the headset, or goggles. A VR headset is placed over the face with the use of a comfortable, easy-to-adjust headband which allows the user to view the visual information within the VR screen, and nothing else. When our powerful sense of peripheral vision is blocked out, the brain has nothing to go on but what it is presented with, and thus, the magic of virtual reality is unlocked.

The Exciting Virtual Reality of Rendever

You’ve lived life well, and earned your stripes so to speak, so there’s no reason to let your grandkids have all the virtual reality fun, and now thanks to the engaging VR platform of Rendever, older adults are able to easily immerse themselves into the amazing worlds of virtual reality to connect, explore, travel, and learn. Rendever is the premier resident engagement platform for seniors.

The advanced technology of Rendever is not only the best on the market, but it’s also perhaps the simplest to use. Seniors will not be burdened with lots of controllers or hardware to install. Rendever’s system is simple, installation is easy and handled by skilled Rendever team members who will come to you, and walk you through everything. All you have to do is put on a headset and begin your adventure, wherever or whatever that may be.

Virtual Reality Enhances Seniors’ Lives

It’s a known fact that isolation is an unfortunate reality of some older adults’ lives. Studies have shown up to 40% of senior living residents will suffer from depression and/or feel the adverse effects of isolation. Social isolation can be damaging to physical health as well, increasing the odds of heart attacks, strokes, and dementia. With numbers like these, it’s important to take measures to limit if not altogether eradicate feelings of isolation that bring about depression. Rendever’s VR platform and programs can help.

Travel — See the World!

Did you once dream of swimming with the sharks in French Polynesia or South Mahé in the Seychelles? Do you desire to walk the cobblestone streets of Italy and explore its historical wonder? Do you pine to revisit that sleepy little beach cove where you and your best friends bonded decades ago? The virtual reality tech behind Rendever may make all that possible.

So, what’s on your list? It seems everyone’s got a bucket list these days, but sometimes we have impediments that keep us from hitting every item on our lists. Maybe it’s a fixed-income, maybe it’s a medical constraint, or maybe it’s just that at the end of the day we want to be in our own comfy bed at home, whatever the reason, Rendever provides the solution. With Rendever’s VR technology, you can visit those places you always wanted to, and have an immersive experience almost like you were physically there. Walk those sandy beaches, explore ancient ruins, travel the world. And with Rendever, you can explore on your own, or with others in a shared experience through the Rendever network.

But Rendever is much more than just a great option for older adults to virtually travel the globe, Rendever’s engagement platform can give seniors the chance to reconnect with past experiences and relive wonderful moments from their lives.

Daily Live Programs for Seniors

Rendever’s platform offers daily live programs for seniors. Engaging experiences await, led by charismatic hosts that know how to deliver a great show. Intercommunity Trivia allows seniors to connect through the network and play together, matching their trivia skills against other communities in the Rendever network. Move and Groove offers a chance for seniors to take part in live musical performances that will make you want to get up and get moving! World Travel is a see-the-world immersive experience led by a dynamic host who will be your guide as you virtually travel to some of the most interesting places on Earth.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane with Customized VR

With the amazing virtual reality technology, seniors can revisit cherished memories. Transport yourself back in time to the place where you exchanged vows with your spouse. Take a tour of your childhood home. Or visit a location you were stationed during your military years of service and remember the good buddies you made there. So much can be programmed into the Rendever platform to deliver authentic virtual experiences of the beloved places from your past.

The Rendever VR Experience at The Mansions

Whether it’s a trip around the globe, or a live program, a networked shared trivia game experience, or a walk down memory lane, the connections made with others and the conversations that are created provide opportunities for engagement, joy, and most importantly help to reduce isolation, feelings of depression, and cognitive decline. Rendever is a vital tool that can create many positive shared experiences between seniors, while they’re engaged in interesting, educational… and fun virtual reality programs and activities.

We’re excited to bring this experience to residents and families. Call today to schedule your tour and personal demonstration.

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