Valeo Signature Programs

Every day matters.
Every program makes a difference.

Joy, meaning and independence are at the heart of life at The Mansions. And, as much as possible, that extends to our Valeo™ Memory Care neighborhood. Not only do we immerse ourselves in your family member or friend’s personal history to truly know and understand them, but we’ve woven together a group of carefully chosen programs that allows each resident to express himself or herself, and mine their most cherished memories.

The Mansions Senior Living

Art is more than beautiful and inspiring. It actually improves cognitive brain activity that can compensate for aging and memory impairment. Create & Compose encourages residents to take part in activities, including playing music and painting, that help them realize those benefits. How beautiful and inspiring is that?

Memories are easier to conjure when you have a physical representation of them. With our Legacy Kits, that’s exactly what you’ll. do. You and your friends and family can collect items that have historical significance to you such as photographs, mementos from your experiences, and objects that embody your interests. As you collect each item, you’ll help your family member or friend bring those memories back to life. You’ll also have a wonderful keepsake pass on to your children and grandchildren to preserve your family legacy.

People often find pleasure, connection and engagement when they have new experiences with positive places and activities. Travel Times facilitates that by giving residents the opportunity to travel to new or familiar, beloved places. Each opportunity helps residents disconnect from their daily challenges and stressors so they can relax, recharge and focus on the joy in their lives.

Animals are little miracle workers, helping us feel happier, less anxious and more seen. Thanks to our Creature Comforts programs, residents experience the joy of bonding with animals in a safe, supportive environment. In the process, they often end up bonding with other residents too, creating a greater sense of community in our memory care neighborhood.

Routines help all of us, but to someone with a memory impairment, a routine is an especially comforting way to organize their day. It provides purpose, structure, and an essential sense of autonomy. By incorporating VITA! we create routines built around programs that have a profoundly positive effect on memory care residents. By weaving mental stimulation like brain teasers, and physical activity like exercise, into daily routines, we find that residents experience a greater sense of calm throughout their day and are often more focused on positive self-care.